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  • bye.

  • Four three two one plus one minute altitude and six kilometers speed in our 70 meters per second down range.

  • Distance club vehicle Supersonic vehicles reach natural aerodynamic pressure Stage one Propulsion continues to nominal Our sister still normal one true love T plus two minutes Altitude.

  • 28.9 kilometers Speed.

  • 1.1 kilometers per second Down range distance 32 cloners That fact has begun chilling t plus two minutes 30 seconds Vehicles flying down the center Altitude 48 kilometers Speed 1.9 kilometers per second Downrange 75 climbers and we have a legal one and we have a mission.

  • Do you see verifier event The RP one storage tank Bank separation to propulsion Bermuda Acquisition of signal plus four minutes 30 seconds Altitude 137 kilometers Speed.

  • 3.2 kilometres per second Down range Distance.

  • 400 kilometers Power system still nominal.

  • T plus five minutes 20 seconds Altitude 158 kilometers Speed.

  • 3.8 kilometers per second Down range Distance by their 70 kilometers vehicle continues to fly down.

  • A nominal stage to propulsion continues to be nominal plus six minutes 20 seconds Altitude 173 kilometers Speed.

  • 4.4 kilometers per second Down range.

  • Distance.

  • 800 kilometers Power system still normal.

  • Good one tree lock her stage.

  • Engine relit T plus seven minutes 30 seconds.

  • Altitude 180 kilometers.

  • Speed.

  • 5.6 kilometers per second.

  • Down range.

  • Distance 1150 kilometers Vehicles and her terminal guidance mode left FT s Safety.

  • There's Mico.

  • Orbital parameters are 200 by 176 kilometers.

  • Inclined 27 decimal seven degrees to the equator.

  • Good orbit insertion.

  • We have tell four lost signal and it looks like we have another successful launch of the Falcon nine rocket carrying the Asia San ate satellite.

  • As you heard, the first stage had a great flight.

  • Second stage separated.

  • You saw engine ignition, payload faring separation.

  • And then just moments ago, we have shutdown of the second stage engine the orb.

  • It looks very good for insertion into parking orbit.

  • A little bit later in the flight, we will have a restart of the upper stage engine that will carry the ages sat eight satellite to the final, uh, injection orbit from the Falcon nine.

  • However, that is going to bring an end to the Webcast for this evening this early morning here it space sex.

  • We'd like to thank our Asia set customer for the confidence and selecting us.

  • And, uh, we look forward Thio letting everybody know how things go a little bit later this morning.

  • Also like to thank the Air Force for the Eastern Range and ground stations support around the world.

  • Also the Federal Aviation Administration for working with us because we got the Falcon nine both air and ground systems ready to go on fly.

  • Finally.

  • Thank you for sticking with us through Ah, 2.5 hours of delay, but it appears to have been worth it Is the launch looked outstanding coming off of the pad a complex 40 at the Cape.

  • So remember to follow us at space six dot com and our social media pages is we continue the mission and for our future events.

  • And we will see you next time for the next flight of the Falcon.

  • Nine.



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AsiaSat 8 | Falcon 9 Satellite Launch Webcast

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