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  • This is my dad.

  • He just got his android phone about a year ago.

  • One thing he's discovered is Facebook.

  • More specifically, he's recently cracked the Facebook news feed algorithm.

  • Hey, Dad, What do you like on Facebook?

  • Wait.

  • Come back like a spark of the scenery.

  • Good guys.

  • Good morning, everyone.

  • So I just finished my run.

  • I did some drone flying, and now we're gonna go have some lunch this morning.

  • This is our last day in the and you're not my parent's place.

  • And probably the reason why you haven't seen my parents around is because they haven't been around, have actually been at the farm.

  • And my dad hurt his leg.

  • It's about three hours from the onion and you couldn't drive back.

  • We're leaving today, and luckily, they found a driver to help them to drive back to union to this place.

  • So this is kind of like the only day that I'm going to get to spend with my parents.

  • Kind of sad, but it's, you know, at least good toc them.

  • So today we're gonna have another barbecue if you don't get to barbecue a lot in Japan.

  • So barbecues are always awesome.

  • and welcome trying to get this frickin eso gonna grab some lunch and then we're gonna have a little good old fashioned barbecue later this evening.

  • Let's enjoy the rest of the day.

  • We were ready to go to lunch, and we're gonna go to China Sea by the ocean.

  • But it looks like Gemellus started barbecuing for us for lunch.

  • So I guess we're gonna have lunch here today, which isn't bad because I really love the barbecue here.

  • It's so good and Michael's coming back.

  • What did you say?

  • You're kind of really hungry, right?

  • Michael is not so good when it comes to food and waiting for it.

  • She has a little small stomach that just needs to be fed when it gets hungry.

  • We're also gets really, really cranky.

  • But this is the Philippines, and you've got to be patient because everything is on Filipino time.

  • Barbecue.

  • Master, How are you doing?

  • Looking good.

  • Yeah.

  • All right, let's do some laundry.

  • So he had a little problem yesterday.

  • Hose didn't work so well because there's actually holes in it.

  • So in the previous log, you may have seen me by in the sala hose for the Washington.

  • Well, it started to leak soon after using.

  • We've gotta fix it.

  • Take your time.

  • Take some of this group here and fix this nozzle here.

  • Dan.

  • Filipino products, No quality control whatsoever.

  • I told your villa about the leak, and she asked, Why didn't you test the hose when you bought it?

  • Anyway, here's my attempt to fix those.

  • Let's see how this works out.

  • Give it, like, 24 hours.

  • I think it should seal up all the leaks and can't wait.

  • Subaru Looks like it held up.

  • Let's give it a try and see if it works.

  • This is the moment of truth.

  • Please work.

  • Please.

  • It doesn't work completely, but against it works a little bit better than before.

  • That's just 100.

  • Well, that didn't work as expected.

  • Screw this time for a beer.

  • Good.

  • Check out all this barbecue.

  • I love the Philippines.

  • Anyway, what better way to finish off the day with the kids?

  • So we're heading to a hotel just north of here.

  • It's called Luna, and it should have some awesome surf on nights just to check it out.

  • But now we gotta pack up.

  • All right.

  • Truck, Load it all up.

  • Let's get on the road.

  • It was super fun trip at my parent's place.

  • If you like this log, hit that like one.

  • If you have any questions about this place or my parents or anything else, they have a common comment section of low.

  • You want to subscribe like Oh, it's such a I see you guys soon.

This is my dad.


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