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  • Dear citizens of the universe,

  • I'm super excited to announce that in addition to Minute Physics,

  • I can also gathered a team to bring you, Minute Earth

  • A new YouTube channel with videos about the Earth and Earth sciences.

  • That is, an anthology of geology, biology, ecology and anthropology. And more.

  • So far, we've covered topics such as, "Why are leaves green?",

  • "How tall can mountains be?", and, "How much would you hair grow

  • in three billion years?"

  • The Earth's an exciting place with lots of awesome science,

  • so head over to Minute Earth and check it out

  • We also have both Minute Physics and Minute Earth in Espanol

  • thanks to the excellent Ever Salazar.

  • And last but not certainly not least,

  • there's a new pop physics book out by Lee Smolin, called "Time Reborn".

  • It's about our lack of understanding of the fundamental nature of time

  • and why that's crutial in truly explaining the Big Bang and Quantum Mechanics

  • and the long term future of the universe.

  • Lee was my advisor in grad school and when he asked me to do the illustrations for his book,

  • I said, "of course!".

  • It's definitely one of the most mind opening books I've read in the last year

  • and if you want to learn more about the book, or where to find it,

  • click this annotation or the link in the video description.

  • Or head to your favourite bookstore.

Dear citizens of the universe,


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新節目:MinuteEarth! (NEW SHOW: MinuteEarth!)

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