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  • who, two or three months ago I was sent a very kind gift, which waas a kettle.

  • Now it's no ordinary couple.

  • This'll pretty kettle, but it's not just for boiling water on the stove.

  • That's for making a particular type of coffee in Scandinavia.

  • Cold cooker Cafe coffin.

  • No way, Coca Captain.

  • Cool.

  • Kick off.

  • Steep, steep coffee on the way it works is similar to what many people know his cowboy coffee where you're just gonna let coffee and water steep together for a little while.

  • So the way this thing works, it's just like using the French press method that I made a video before.

  • You can click on that just up here to be a link to it.

  • If you wanna go watch that in a second.

  • Also, make sure it's linked to the so the way it works is super, Super easy for we have to do is fill this thing up with water, cold water, clean water, salt water.

  • This little guidance inside.

  • How much water you you're adding for a liter of water?

  • I'm gonna use 70 grams of coffee.

  • You're gonna boil that water on the stove once it's born?

  • Let it cool.

  • Just a little bit darker.

  • Your roasting, the longer usually let it cools up to pretty dark roast.

  • Let it set for 34 maybe five minutes off the boil, whereas a light roast.

  • Maybe have to wait a minute.

  • If that at that point and your coffee Stirton saturated, leaving for four or five minutes and then given another little stir, scoop off what's not good.

  • And then inside you've got some pretty delicious coffee.

  • The nice thing about this thing is inside the spout.

  • There's a little straighter as well, so this is custom designed to do beautiful, steep coffee.

  • Now this came to prominence a few years ago as a way of making coffee because a restaurant in Norway it's now got three Michelin stars has called my ammo on dhe Tim Wendel but worked with them on their coffee service.

  • And they started doing this kind of bring method in a really, really beautiful way at the kind of table side, and I think it were nude people's interest in it.

  • Personally, this is really well made, but it kind of makes me wanna go camping, make you wanna make coffee outside.

  • It's one of those things.

  • I'm incredibly grateful to have been sent this, so thank you very much for that on, um, inspired to make a little bit more steep, the coffee.

who, two or three months ago I was sent a very kind gift, which waas a kettle.


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Kokekaffe和Tias水壺 (Kokekaffe and the Tias Kettle)

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