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  • [instrumental piano music]

  • Well, I was about 18 when I first came to London

  • It was the first trip I took to Europe

  • I'd saved up money for a whole year to travel through Europe for a few months with some friends of mine

  • It was the age of London that really struck me, because I had come in from Western Canada and hadn't traveled much at that point

  • And of course Western Canada - the town I grew up in was only established in the 1930s, really

  • And to walk into pubs that had been around for five or six hundred years was...

  • ...something unheard of in Canada

  • The magnificence of the architecture and the fact that things were built to last...

  • The Parliament Buildings are remarkable and the castles.

  • And the depth of history and the stability of the country all of that - and the freedom

  • It's all an amazing achievement, as far as I'm concerned.

  • One of the things that we learned in the West, and one of the things that's part of the great English journalistic tradition is that

  • Journalists in particular, have the freedom to say what they want and think what they want and that keeps everyone

  • including the journalists - honest and on track

  • And we sacrifice that...

  • ...especially at the feet of the idea that no one is to be oppressed by anything anyone else says.

  • We sacrifice that at our complete peril.

  • It's the Cardinal right...

  • ...because when people speak freely they're able to think.

  • And people orient themselves in the world by thinking

  • and they re-update the state by thinking and they...

  • ...conquer unknown lands by thinking

  • and if you put restrictions on their ability to speak freely...

  • ...then you put restrictions on their ability to think and all of those other processes grind to a halt...

  • ...and then everyone suffers for it.

  • [inaudible conversation]

  • I started reading George Orwell when I was a kid - about 13 or 14

  • And I read "1984" and "Animal Farm", of course because that's the books that everyone starts with.

  • And then later in my life...

  • ...I became aware of how prescient George Orwell was with regards to the dangers of totalitarianism...

  • He was one of the first intellectuals in the West to sound the alarm about what was going on

  • especially in the Soviet Union.

  • Orwell is definitely one of my intellectual heroes from the 20th century.

  • He's been a hero of mine

  • He's been a hero of mine consistently.

  • Britain holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians...

  • ...and for good reason, you know

  • You guys got so many things right:

  • English common law tradition, and the parliamentary tradition...

  • It's been a great gift to everywhere in the world, as far as I'm concerned.

[instrumental piano music]


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論倫敦的思想和言論自由 (On Free Thought and Speech in London)

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