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字幕列表 影片播放

  • One of the most interesting options available in Tableau is adding a filter to the visualization

  • you are working on.

  • In this lesson, well learn how to do that.

  • Of course, well add a filter to our table.

  • From a user’s stand point the only field which makes sense to be filtered in this table

  • is theYearfield.

  • A person could be interested in seeing numbers for 2016 or 2017 only, for example.

  • So, what I’ll do is select theAnalysistab, and then selectFilters”, choosing

  • theyearfield as we had already decided we would like to create a filter for years.

  • And as we do that, a filter appears on the right side of our workspace area.

  • Now, we can easily hide 2017 for example.

  • I’ll simply untick its value and everything related to 2017 disappears from the sheet.

  • Pretty cool, right?

  • Of course, we can do the same with 2016.

  • I’ll select 2017 and untick 2016.

  • And here we are.

  • When we click on the tiny arrow, which is in the upper right corner of the filter pane,

  • we find plenty of options that allow us to adjust the filter weve created.

  • For example, we can change its appearance to:

  • Single value list (representing radio buttons)

  • Have the filter as a dropdown menu • A multiple values list, and so on and

  • so forth

  • We can easily change the filter’s formatting by selecting format filters, or alternatively

  • we change the filter’s title by clicking on the Edit Title button.

  • What else can we do?

  • Oh yes, we can choose whether to apply the filter to the current working sheet only or

  • to all worksheets in the Tableau file we are working with.

  • And that’s really useful when working with several interrelated sheets.

  • Ok.

  • This was our short introduction to filters in Tableau.

  • This will do for now.

  • Thanks for watching!

One of the most interesting options available in Tableau is adding a filter to the visualization


影片操作 你可以在這邊進行「影片」的調整,以及「字幕」的顯示

B1 中級

什麼是Tableau中的過濾器。在Tableau中設置一個過濾器來指定你要顯示的數據。 (What is a filter in Tableau: Set up a filter in Tableau to specify the data you want to show)

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