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  • Hi everyone! Its Natasha of Today we're making a crunchy creamy

  • cucumber radish salad. This salad is an absolute classic and you won't believe

  • how easy it is. Start by slicing up one whole English cucumber. Transfer those to

  • your mixing bowl. You'll need 2 bunches of fresh radishes. Cut off the ends and

  • thinly slice into rings. This salad is especially wonderful with garden grown

  • radishes and cucumbers. Next, finely chopp 1 bunch of green onions or

  • chives. You can include the white and green parts. It's seriously just 3

  • ingredients in this salad and the dressing is even easier. You'll need 3/4

  • cup of sour cream, then add 3/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of salt or add the salt to

  • taste. Now stir and serve. Yeah! Oh my goodness... This is so creamy and good and

  • I know what you're thinking - that can't be all. It is. This salad is so delicious,

  • has so few ingredients that it's surprising but it's surprisingly good.

  • This is as classic as it gets. Alright, we're gonna do the taste test

  • because I cannot wait any longer. Okay, big portions... Oh I'll never get tired of

  • this salad. I grew up eating this stuff. I probably could have gotten some better

  • serving spoons. I'm not this patient, okay, that's enough for now.

  • Let's do this.

  • This just makes your tastebuds dance and it's amazing because it's just a 2

  • ingredient dressing, like how easy is that. This is like boom! Alright, how's

  • that for a food descriptor? Can you tell I'm enjoying myself right now?

  • Oh my goodness... I love the flavors and textures here. You've got crunchy

  • radishes and crisp cucumbers with this perfectly creamy dressing. This is

  • delicious and the salad always disappears fast. If you like this recipe,

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  • we'll see you next time. Hey, before you go - if you guys are looking for some

  • fresh, absolutely delicious salads, check these out right over here, some of our

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Hi everyone! Its Natasha of Today we're making a crunchy creamy


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奶油黃瓜蘿蔔沙拉的做法 (How To Make Creamy Cucumber Radish Salad)

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