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  • wait thighs.

  • So this first look is probably the most blogger worthy outfit I've ever put together.

  • I love all the texture is going on here.

  • The distressed debt on the dainty lays on the crop top and the semi metallics of jacket all work together to create a really dimensional outfit.

  • Sorry, kind of sound like I'm reading are now This is fate for here or something.

  • By the way, these jeans that I'm selling, all the outfits around are from Abercrombie.

  • I really like the distressing on them, particularly around the ankle.

  • And they're a super affordable option since they're pretty much always on sale from $39.

  • Baxter outfit on hand, both the crop top and the jacket or thrift ID.

  • But I'll try like similar ones in description below.

  • If you want to recreate this look, E finished everything off with some warm tone accessories.

  • My little layer necklace is also from Abercrombie.

  • My watches by some Italian brand that I can't pronounce and my shoes are rusty everyday.

  • Look, that's super simple to recreate the scene, you probably noticed that this video is that since the jeans are a little bit on the looser fitting end.

  • I like to balance it out with more fitted top.

  • This way Crop top with a little lettuce leaves him detail is from Brandy Melville, like half my wardrobe is myself the outfit a little bit.

  • I added these leopard printed flats by BP.

  • I have use for, like three years now, and I think they're so fun.

  • I also love carrying pointed toe shoes with this dress denim, because I think it adds a little bit more polished, and it helps the long game.

  • My legs.

  • This look walks a fine line between chic French girl and mind.

  • I'd like to think that I land solidly on the crazy inside of things, but you never know.

  • My top is from Agent, and it was super affordable, like $4 I think, especially when pairing long sleeved tops with Mr Denham.

  • I think it's important to keep a little bit of a tighter silhouette or show a little bit of Declan Taj.

  • So you're not completely sold me and fabric.

  • That's why I really like this.

  • Top has an office.

  • My shoes are by Franco Sardo.

  • I've finally hawked on that loafer trend, and honestly, there's no going back.

  • I love these shoes to death.

  • And again the pointed toe helps elongate my legs to pull the whole look together.

  • And since in my waist I threw on this black belt and a big tent.

  • This'll is a bit of a basic instagram bitch outfit because, you know, every notebook needs one again.

  • I opted for a top with the tighter silhouette.

  • This was actually a body suit from Abercrombie.

  • But you confined really similar designs that anywhere from like H and M two Reformation straps look super dandy.

  • And they tied on top, which makes this look marginally less basic.

  • Finish it off.

  • I threw on the same black pointed loafers for a simple, monochromatic look.

  • Looks like you guys today.

  • If you enjoy, please don't forget to give this video thumbs up, leave a calling down below and subscribe to my channel for new fashion videos Every single day.

wait thighs.


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