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  • On Wednesday the 31st of January at 7:30 p.m.

  • I'm going to be speaking about my new book and its

  • Genesis at the lovely Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles

  • and so I'd like to invite you to attend.

  • I'll talk for about an hour and a half or so perhaps two.

  • Take questions from the audience and then sign and dedicate books

  • and so if you'd be interested in hearing about twelve rules for life and

  • About how it came about, and what it's about, and why,

  • then please come to the theater and we'll have a fine time

  • So looking forward to seeing you there

  • Twelve rules for life is about how to live properly in the face of

  • vulnerability and tragedy and malevolence

  • one of the

  • Propositions in twelve rules for life is that; Life,

  • existence is, usefully characterized as an interplay of order

  • and chaos, or unknown and known. You're always striving to balance those two if

  • If what you what you're doing is too familiar you're bored

  • and if what you're doing is too unfamiliar then you're anxious

  • and what you want to do is find the

  • Harmonious line between those two and that's signified by

  • Meaning, if you can get those two things right then you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • I hope people can take away the idea that there is a

  • mode of being in the face of the vulnerability and tragedy of life that is

  • noble and

  • powerful and

  • capable of sustaining them through the worst possible times without becoming corrupt and bitter

On Wednesday the 31st of January at 7:30 p.m.


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公告:洛杉磯12條生活規則 (Announcement: Los Angeles 12 Rules for Life)

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