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  • Okay, so there's this

  • There's this "Spirit of Good", let's say

  • And what the Spirit of Good does is act in the world,

  • on the potential of the world,

  • to generate the actuality of the world.

  • And the Judeo-Christian proposition is,

  • is that if you confront the potential of the world,

  • with good in mind,

  • using truth

  • truthful communication

  • Then the order that you extract is good

  • And then that's echoed in Genesis,

  • when God is using the word

  • And he creates cosmos out of potential,

  • and every time he does that he says:

  • "And it was good"

  • Which is I think, it's so interesting because

  • There's a proposition there and the proposition is that

  • if you encounter potential with truth,

  • the cosmos you create is actually good

  • Well, that's

  • That's just an absolutely overwhelming idea! If it's true

  • If it's true, it's the greatest idea there ever was

Okay, so there's this


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B1 中級

動畫介紹真理、秩序和混沌。 (An Animated Intro to Truth, Order and Chaos)

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