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  • JACQUELINE P.: My son's name is Adam.

  • He died from a heroin overdose.


  • You just are in turmoil all the time

  • to see your child struggling and to see your child

  • not know what to do.

  • I truly believe, had there been the parent coach

  • availability to me when I was going through with my son,

  • the outcome could have been different.


  • I can keep my child's memory alive

  • and hopefully help other parents not go through all the pain

  • that I went through.

  • He was always a very sentimental and a kindhearted child.

  • It's challenging to understand this is his disease doing this.

  • It's not a moral failing.

  • Support systems are so important.

  • Since I lost my son, I have tried

  • to help people understand what substance use disorder is

  • and that stigma does not need to exist.

  • Right now, there's no barriers for who

  • has substance use disorder.

  • There's a lot of basic things that everyone

  • can do to help with this.

  • So I ask that everyone participate

  • in National Drug Take Back Day.

  • Bring all of your medications that

  • have expired to a local drop-off site.

  • You can just search online and find one near you.

  • We all do that.

  • You put your prescription back up in the medicine cabinet.

  • If you're not ever going to use it,

  • or you're not currently using it, and/or it's expired,

  • get rid of it the correct way.

  • I am now raising my grandson, Ryder.

  • He's my inspiration.

  • And he looks just like his dad did.

  • You can make a difference in this epidemic.

  • We have to help each other.

  • We have to have kindness.


JACQUELINE P.: My son's name is Adam.


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在#奪回日#中對抗阿片類藥物的流行--賈桂琳的故事。 (Fighting the Opioid Epidemic on #TakeBackDay—Jacqueline’s Story)

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