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  • Hi, everyone.

  • I'm the pickup arctic own.

  • And because I travel a lot, I'm gonna show you a little bit off how I back.

  • Come on in.

  • Who said I traveled with only two small suitcases?

  • I didn't say that, but that's what I tell my parents.

  • I always tell my parents that I'm traveling light and that I'm getting just two suitcases.

  • We understand when I travel.

  • It's important for me to have everything on me, because sometimes a one day trip could become a five day trip.

  • When it's a longer schedule, you know, 30 days, 40 days of your filming for something that I like to carry photo frames, candles, my own music system.

  • That just sort of makes me feel at home.

  • And I think for the line of work that we're in, it's very important to just be prepared for any situation, any sort of weather.

  • So I always like to have everything handy.

  • So two things I never travel without uh, this is a Balenciaga short.

  • It's something that you can style in whatever way you want, so sometimes I'll do them with genes but also waited that these delicious well leggings I would just change and probably even just carry a pair of stilettos.

  • Or if I'm working and then the plan changes and you suddenly want to go out.

  • This is a fun Tim Ryan jacket that I just throw on, and it just is up.

  • My look instantly.

  • What is life without some fun, right?

  • I never travel without my husband, gifted them to me.

  • But they also bring a smile to my face, and I usually place them right next to me on the bed way.

  • Haven't done long distance travel since we got married, but that is gonna happen very soon.

  • We are going to be traveling, And that's precisely why these pieces have made it to my suitcase.

  • You gotta sneak peek off that.

  • But another pair of shoes I will never travel without my Nikes.

  • They go with absolutely everything that comfortable thes are my go to pay 90 Cortez.

  • I always always travel with thes two fares off.

  • Loop it on shoes.

  • You can literally wear it with absolutely anything.

  • When I'm at home, I tend to dress slightly more casual and slightly differently from when I traveled.

  • For example, if I was just at home or, you know, going for a meeting in Mumbai.

  • I would wear just this large, oversized T shirt.

  • So, you see, I have a lot of those again.

  • Valentino.

  • Oversized short.

  • I'd wear them with just these really cool, comfortable 90 joggers or ma joggers.

  • If I was literally in and out of a studio, then you want to keep it easy and comfortable.

  • You wanna have skinny jeans, lose easy fled jeans and also genes that just have some sort of fun element?

  • This is Stella McCartney.

  • Like, I love these.

  • Just some fun stars on them.

  • Yeah, this is not bad.

  • Actually, it's perfect.

Hi, everyone.


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