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  • Yes, sir.

  • I've got Oscar, um, standing by on the fantail.

  • I'm talking to him on the radio and they're ready to throw it, put Oscar in the water

  • Wait.

  • Ready?

  • Wait.

  • Stand by here.

  • Way.

  • Could do it better with way.

  • Right?

  • Okay, guys, let's say we find out who it is.

  • First of it, way had 16.

  • What time are we working now?

  • 12.

  • That way.

  • What was a was a time to pick up a hell of a way, but they found him.

  • Well, that's real world.

  • So let's go a good time.

Yes, sir.


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How The US Navy Saves A Man Overboard At Sea

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