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  • What's up, guys?

  • Welcome to Promo Guy.

  • Thanks.

  • In slo mo this episode way got 60 basketball emphasis on Let's open that way they don't call me cross bow tie for nothing.

  • What?

  • 12 gauge basketball.

  • Let's see what happens.

  • What?

  • Drilled it?

  • I see daylight.

  • Hold up some fingers by your nose.

  • Uh uh.

  • Okay.

  • All right.

  • Both basketball Burst chainsaw.

  • Ah, thanks.

  • Good Pac Man.

  • Life size game.

  • Blow it up.

  • Ah, Got a golden ball.

  • He took a little brunt of the force right there.

  • Yeah, that's pretty.

  • Look at that.

  • You guys sure hope we could do this again.

  • Thanks for watching guys.

  • We had a blast, and so did these basketball.

  • Except nto your afternoon.

  • The lone Survivor.

  • Why do you have a crop?

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Click up.

  • If you'd like to check out some merch like shirts we got on check for the next hint of what we're blowing up on our Facebook instagram and Twitter diggity on.

  • Maybe you'll get a sneak peek.

  • Maybe you won't, but it probably will.

  • Most unique comment.

  • Well, actually, give you were gonna give me a T shirt.

  • Two best comment.

  • Make me laugh.

  • Make me giggle.

  • Try to make him chuckle, Signing off codes.

  • You hit him with a pound all you know, with the knob to pound it.

  • And in Nagi basketball noggin.

What's up, guys?


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爆炸的籃球金字塔|完美的哥們兒 (Exploding Basketball Pyramid | Dude Perfect)

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