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  • Well, this is good.

  • I like this.

  • Yeah, this is very, uh, masculine.

  • The way you can just hold it out like that.

  • I have a show.

  • Um, the only problem with that is you you have to hold it so you can do what you did with this trend part, which is like, Hey, Lou, that's not me.

  • That's not what I do.

  • It's close to me at all.

  • That's not what I do.

  • You You do this thing with your hands a lot.

  • You could do that more when you use the trip.

  • I like how quickly this goes back and forth.

  • I feel like you're gonna break it.

  • I don't think I will.

  • I think you will.

  • I think I won't.

  • I'm pretty sure you're gonna break it.

  • I'm pretty sure I won't gonna break it.

Well, this is good.


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柯南學習如何使用自拍杆。 (Conan Learns How To Use A Selfie Stick)

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