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  • Feifei: Have we got everything, Neil?

  • Neil: Think so. I've got the tickets,

  • most importantly. Would not want

  • to miss this concert!

  • Feifei: Let me see. One, two, three... Neil?

  • Neil: Yes?

  • Feifei: There are only three tickets.

  • You know Dan is coming too, right?

  • Neil: Really? Oh man. We're one short.

  • Feifei: What to do?

  • Neil: I don't know.

  • Feifei: Neil, it's OK. I'll take one for

  • the team. I'm a bit tired anyway.

  • Neil: Are you sure? I could...

  • Feifei: Don't worry. I know how much

  • you love this band!

  • Neil: Too kind. But before I head off,

  • let's explain the phrase Feifei used.

  • To 'take one for the team' is to give

  • something up for the benefit of others ...

  • usually for your friends or colleagues,

  • or your sports team, for example.

  • Feifei: I decided to let the others

  • go to the concert instead of me.

  • I took one for the team.

  • Neil: And I'm very grateful.

  • Now, listen to these examples.

  • There wasn't enough space in the car

  • for all of us, so Johnny took

  • one for the team and walked.

  • Valentyna injured her foot in

  • the first half of the game. She wanted

  • to continue playing,

  • but we decided that someone else

  • should play in the second half

  • to give us the best chance

  • of winning. Valentyna

  • took one for the team.

  • Sometimes you have to take one

  • for the team.

  • Last week I spent the day clearing out the

  • kitchen while the rest of

  • the family went to the beach.

  • Neil: You're listening to The English

  • We Speak from BBC Learning English.

  • In this programme,

  • we're looking at the expression 'take one

  • for the team'. Right, I'd better get going.

  • Feifei: Before you go, Neil

  • I just want to ask something.

  • Neil: Yes?

  • Feifei: We need someone to do the

  • late shift next week. I was wondering...

  • Neil: Feifei, don't you worry. I'll take

  • one for the team.

  • Feifei: I knew you would! Thanks, Neil.

  • Now, go and enjoy the show!

  • Neil: Bye.

  • Feifei: Bye.

Feifei: Have we got everything, Neil?


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什麼叫 "以一當十"? (What does 'take one for the team' mean?)

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