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  • Why Silicon Tonics Important.

  • If you had this capability to transmit 50% between two devices, you're talking about transferring an HD movie in less than a second.

  • You're taking the benefits of optical communications, the fact of having lasers through fiber very far, very fast.

  • And combine that with the benefits of silicon manufacturing integration.

  • Moore's law.

  • You have to understand, 10 years ago, you know, and even a few years ago when you started saying With Silicon is an optical material, it doesn't make any sense.

  • And even when I started this team, you know, I remember recruiting a few people.

  • If they if they tell you why there are other team, honestly, they'll tell you wouldn't think it would work.

  • It's not that we had the world's best optics experts.

  • I think the combination of this is having a few laser experts having a few material science experts having a few circuits experts.

  • It's like putting a man on the moon.

  • If you bring all the people who spent the last 20 years trying to get to the moon, you won't get there because they'll tell you all the reasons why it won't work.

  • I'd like to take that so Well, maybe walk out about my parents are immigrants from Italy.

  • You know my way, don't have a lot of money.

  • My dad would just was very adamant about having his kids go to college.

  • My dream was to come to Silicon Valley.

  • Ever since I was a kid, I pulled over on the highway.

  • I want a one and I got out of the car and I looked around and I said, Holy cow, I actually made it Silicon Valley.

  • Maybe it's a flaw that I have that it's never good enough.

  • It's this mountain the next mountain, and I think people don't know what they're capable of.

  • Prior to 1 4002 the fastest modulation of silicon was 20 megahertz.

  • We went public in 2003 with the first nature paper.

  • The paper title was greater than one gigahertz.

  • When we actually published that paper, it was two and 1/2 big events.

  • A year later, we demonstrated 10 gigabits per second year and 1/2 later, 7 2040 giggles per 2nd 1st hybrid Silicon laser in 2006 in 2010 and integrated 50 gigabit per second link with integrates, lasers, modulators, detectors you can do now 102 100 gig.

  • You could imagine doing a terrible per second in the next couple of years at a terrible per second.

  • You're talking about transferring or downloading a season of HD TV from one device to another lesson a second.

  • It's gonna allow us to keep up with Moore's Law and allow us to move information and constantly feed Moore's Law and our processors.

  • And so we won't be limited anymore by the interconnect of the connective ity way.

  • Now have the Legos.

  • Right now we can put these photonic devices together on Silicon.

  • You can't imagine 10 years from now, but hopefully people will come up with things that we never thought of it.

  • When you integrate those things together, what are the new devices and capabilities that will be enabled by this fun amount?

Why Silicon Tonics Important.


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任務(Im)可能。硅光子學,Mario Paniccia主演 (Mission (Im)possible: Silicon photonics featuring Mario Paniccia)

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