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  • BILL GUFFEY: Hi, I'm Bill, and I use

  • Google Street View to paint different locations

  • from around the world.

  • I'm from Burkesville, Kentucky, a small town

  • of about 1,500 people, and I've lived here all my life.

  • My wife wanted a painting for our foyer,

  • so I bought some paint, brushes, canvas.

  • The painting was not good, but my wife did like the painting.

  • [LAUGHS]

  • After painting around my hometown for a while,

  • I turned to Google Street View.

  • And through Street View, I could explore the world.

  • It was an infinite reference library.

  • I grabbed the little peg man, and I

  • dropped him at the location and looked around

  • for things that inspired me.

  • And it's just like you're walking up and down the street.

  • I thought that other artists might enjoy it also,

  • so I created the Virtual Paintout.

  • I invite other artists to use Google Street View,

  • go to a location that I've chosen.

  • They draw or paint something, and I post it on the blog.

  • There have been over 6,600 submissions to date.

  • This month, we're painting in Amsterdam.

  • Next month, who knows where we'll go?

  • Was that all right?

  • One of those OK?


BILL GUFFEY: Hi, I'm Bill, and I use


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藝術家如何使用谷歌街景來描繪世界? (How an artist uses Google Street View to paint the world)

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