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  • in Italy a terrible milestone.

  • The death toll from Kobe 19 in that country, now more than 3400.

  • Surpassing the death toll in China despite Italy's much smaller size are James Longman.

  • Reports from London tonight.

  • Chilling new video from Italy's front lines as a deadly milestone is reached.

  • THEO COUNTRY Today Recording Maur Corona virus deaths than China over 3400 Now dead.

  • 427 more fatalities in just one day and a 15% increase in infections over yesterday.

  • The curve just won't flatten this'll desperate plea from a doctor in Hard hit by Gamma.

  • We are in full emergency.

  • Our health personnel, nurses and physicians are working round the clock countless our work to fight these incredible situation.

  • Tonight, 300 volunteer doctors now being rushed in from other parts of the country to help even bergamot is crematorium is overwhelmed.

  • Bodies now have to be transported by the military to surrounding regions to be dealt with safely.

  • This'll nurse saying the psychological tension has quote gone through the roof.

  • Me, Morty, we're not even counting the dead anyone, she says.

  • Doctors also making the ultimate sacrifice.

  • One physician sick with the virus, reportedly didn't want to take an intensive care bed from another patient.

  • It cost him his life.

  • Americans in Italy warning of the dangers to loved ones back home You don't realize who you're gonna come in contact with next.

  • You could be a carrier and not even know it.

  • Darkness in Italy and Spain suffering nearly 300 deaths in the past 24 hours, but glimmers of light from China reporting no new domestic cases, a long road ahead for other nations facing Coronas.

  • Deadly wave and James joins us Now, James.

  • We've been so focused on Italy, but cases in Spain are now exploding as well.

  • That's right.

  • Lindsey is now the second hardest hit country in Europe.

  • After Italy today we heard 294 more deaths in the last 24 hours bring the total in Spain to 803 and shockingly today.

  • One official was quoted as saying that he believes that Madrid could see an 80% infection rate of Corona virus in the city that has a capital off Spain.

  • That is quite extraordinary when you think about it, so a national lock down is in place like the one we've seen in Italy.

  • Actually, the Spanish authorities are using drones to try to make sure that people stay out of public spaces away.

  • Public spaces have basically been closed down.

  • All shops, libraries, university.

  • Everything is shut in order to stop this thing from spreading.

  • Spain also faces a number of challenges like other European countries do.

  • Namely, its population is on the older side, like here in the United Kingdom, like in Italy and elderly population very much in danger.

  • Also, austerity across Europe bit hard, particularly on the health system in Spain.

  • So that is a challenge for them on dhe.

  • The way that the health system is structured in Italy, it's very much regionalized.

  • So it's gonna be very difficult for them to get a picture off just how much this virus is spreading and how to combat it.

  • A lot off challenges ahead for Spain.

  • James, Thank you for the snapshot over there, and we'll be coming back to you later in the show for some much needed positive news.

  • We'll see them.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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in Italy a terrible milestone.


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