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  • hi guys.

  • So today I have five different tips that I think will completely transform your everyday outfits, things that will make you feel more stylish and empowered.

  • The first idea that I have is to play with contradictions.

  • You guys know I love to wear anything that is super floral or feminine, or Lacey.

  • I love anything that super girly and even Victorian inspired.

  • But that could be one dimensional if that's all I did every day, head to toe.

  • So what I like to do is play with contradictions.

  • I like to be able to add something more Lacey with something that has a little bit more of an edge to it.

  • And it's fun to be able to work with things like leather jackets with heeled boots, something that looks a little bit more sort of rebellious, right, like you have this rebel heart, plus also that feminine grace.

  • So something like that is more interesting toe look at versus just head to toe something that's one dimensional.

  • Another way that you can do this is by playing with textures.

  • I like to work with things like silk, really thick, beautiful sweaters, anything that looks super soft impairing that with something that maybe isn't so soft.

  • Maybe something cotton canvas that has more structure to it then say, like a rib cashmere sort of drapey material.

  • You also can do this by pairing Matt with something shiny, like a sequin or anything that you want.

  • Teoh.

  • It's fun to be able to work with those sort of contradictions because, ah, lot of the topics that I like to cover involved monochrome, slender, rising colors, anything that makes you lengthen and look longer.

  • And so, by adding that element of texture, I can play with depth to my outfits, and so they're suddenly not quite boring.

  • One thing that I like to do to is if I were just to boil down a few basic pieces of my closet, I would look for things that are simple and chic and structured and timeless and just honestly, then adding jewelry on top of it.

  • You guys know I love to add jewelry to any style to able to mix and match pieces that I have that I've collected over time, and I think that that's important whenever I want.

  • Sort of a basic style.

  • Is that then the jewelry shines from that.

  • It makes the outfit look more expensive by having just this blank palette underneath and then layering on your own tasteful jewelry, something that expresses your personality or shows meaning.

  • So that leaves me to today's sponsor majority.

  • I feel like has so many pieces that represents people I love or different things.

  • That means something to me personally.

  • So today I'm wearing a monogrammed necklace that says B.

  • But then I also love their Zodiac necklace where that represents my family.

  • It represents my husband and his Zodiac sign.

  • But then I also love the fact that they have this locket that just has that nostalgic element that I love so much.

  • I can link you guys down below to some of my favorites that I wear daily from them.

  • But thank you to my jury for sponsoring this today.

  • Moving on to my fourth tip, I think that it's important to always add a statement, bag or accessory.

  • I used to shy away from adding purses to my life that we're more of a splurge.

  • But now I do understand that the cost per wear with things like ah, bag that you're gonna wear with anything really isn't that much of a splurge?

  • But for the sake of making this video more about overnight, making your outfits look instantly better, I would say to look in your closet and see how you might pair three items together to basics and then one accessory or that bag that you just absolutely love that you already own.

  • These airways, where you can sort of play with this idea of making your outfits more interesting just by instead of going with a basic top and bottom, maybe adding a belt, you can add a handbag, a scarf.

  • There's just limitless opportunities here.

  • Next, I would say to create a uniform, it doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe or by several of the same thing.

  • So that on repeat, you always know what you wear.

  • But I do want to look at your closet and just say, What are some patterns that I'm seeing here?

  • I personally love to wear white shirts from says on, and I say that where I'm literally wearing one right now, but each one is a little bit different.

  • I could think, man, why do I have that like, is that a problem?

  • Should have been more inventive with the things that I go out and I buy or find or or keep or hang onto.

  • But honestly, there's nothing wrong with that.

  • If you have an iconic style that will mean that you have some things that are more patterned after each other.

  • You may find that each one of your pants have a similar cut to them, or your tops have the same basic style to them, and that, actually is something to embrace.

  • It means that maybe even on some sub conscious level, you've made a decision where each piece looks good on you and works for your lifestyle.

  • So maybe that can help you in the long run, to not have sort of decision fatigue that a lot of people have, where it's like one more decision in their day is creating an outfit.

  • I think that people with an iconic or recognizable style I actually do have this pattern recognition in their own wardrobes, and my bonus tip is to buy a steamer.

  • There's an overnight way that you can do this, which is you can put it in the dryer maybe on a low setting, add a damp towel to it, and then just let that role for a little while until this steam from the towel just eliminates all the wrinkles.

  • But this year I did buy a steamer and same sort of concept.

  • It makes your clothes just wrinkle free, and it doesn't have all of the pain and suffering that comes from ironing your clothes.

  • I found myself so many times not ironing, because I thought, It's okay.

  • My my pants might be a little bit wrinkled, but it's no big deal.

  • And maybe it isn't but taking an outfit from having a little bit of a wrinkle.

  • Thio being completely beautifully irons is just so perfect.

  • And with a steamer, you don't have a lot of those creases or mess ups, and it makes the outfit I think last longer than if I'm subjecting it to the dryer or an iron or letting it sit wrinkled in my closet forever.

  • So those are my tips to making your outfits look more put together and toe up your style game with just a few small changes in your own wardrobe.

  • Thanks so much from a jury for sponsoring this video.

  • And don't forget to give this video thumbs up and I'll see you guys next time.

  • Let's go, Rayne.

  • It's not your song to signal more.

  • Good bye, Blaine.

  • Weight scale lift you are.

  • You could find a way to drop.

hi guys.


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