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  • I've just touched down in Siem Reap in remote northwest Cambodia.

  • It's home to the renowned temples off anger watts.

  • But I'm on a different mission to discover the secret of this country's fantastic food.

  • Jesus, I feel like I'm in the back of beyond.

  • I cannot believe that something in there Hi, this place seems so laid back.

  • Cambodia is a country in recovery.

  • In the late 19 seventies, the ruling Communist Party, the Camaro Rouge, force the population into the countryside to live off the land.

  • The result was a devastating famine, but today the nation is rediscovering its culture and its food heritage.

  • How do you think of what it went through?

  • And it became abolished really back in the war, the famine and everyone forgot about it.

  • But it is starting to see a revival, so I can't wait to get to grips with it.

  • Get out there and really understand what Carbone accusing is all about.

  • Thank God he's so small.

  • I'm starting my education with a masterclass in Cambodia's historic recipes from a chef who's leading the country's food.

  • Renee sons at a restaurant, the Sugar Palm.

  • I'm on my way to meet Kitana who's got the best restaurant in town.

  • If I'm gonna get my hands dirty, I can't think of a better place to start.

  • Kitana was exiled in New Zealand 35 years ago when the Camaro Rouge ruled Cambodia.

  • It's busy.

  • She returned seven years ago, determined to rediscover and celebrate traditional dishes.

  • Hannah Kitana?

  • Yes.

  • How are you?

  • What a beautiful place.

  • Thank you.

  • That looks amazing.

  • Other.

  • So you're clearly at the forefront of the revival of trying to.

  • I'm trying to have you gone back to childhood dishes in terms of yes, that's what I'm trying to do.

  • My mom and my grandmother recipe trying to revise the locals.

  • Tell me about the 1975.

  • What actually happened to the food in the war?

  • So people trying to stay to survive so they could get whatever they could get the random from the jungle or from anywhere they could find, and they just have to cook anything.

  • I just couldn't imagine what sort of thing they were to survive.

  • I think that's why the food sort of greatly disappear.

  • So Katana is reviving traditional authentic Cambodian recipes.

  • Girls in the kitchen, one guy somewhere behind you.

  • you're lucky.

  • Locals love it is a busy lunchtime service, and I'm going to learn on the job.

  • Now we got order.

  • So first issues from the clients.

  • It's a fish.

  • Among the first order in is a classic one tablespoon of bright red pepper.

  • It starts with Karun, a spicy pace that was used before the war that smell so frightening that coconut cream.

  • So it's not exactly helping, is it?

  • No, As long as you don't eat too much, you'll be fine.

  • This traditional recipe is far more refined than I expected.

  • What kind of fish you use for Mark?

  • I'm dosing.

  • Freshwater fish is called snake hit, and this is a tradition.

  • This is what you What's your mother making?

  • Yes, that's incredible.

  • Is quite complex, isn't it?

  • The mixture is cooked in a palm leaf.

  • I'm gonna steam these going to steam days into the steamer while of yours, and the results are fantastic.

  • I'm amazed the way soup plate up here.

  • Delicious soft texture, sweet texture.

  • It's like a rip up a fish souffle when you've got the texture of the fish and the sweetness without being overpowering, That's lovely.

  • After years in the wilderness, this country's food is being put back on the map.

  • I want my time here to do it.

  • Justice.

  • Where do I need to go next to, really sort of Get my fingers on the pulse and really understand.

  • Covered.

  • Except you should visit the local home in the villages on the country size so you could go there and have a look and see what most people do.

  • I'm very grateful.

  • Amazing.

  • A big eye opener.

  • Thank you very much.

I've just touched down in Siem Reap in remote northwest Cambodia.


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