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  • new stark figures more than 400,000 diagnosed cases of covert 19 across the globe.

  • In Spain, the country recorded its highest numbers in 24 hours country nearing 40,000 positive cases and nearly 3000 deaths.

  • Italy, the reported second epicenter of the virus still experiencing widespread deaths.

  • But seeing those numbers go down for a second day.

  • And in the United Kingdom, millions under order to stay home only allowed out to exercise once a day to buy food and medicine.

  • Each and every one of us is now obliged to join together.

  • But some encouraging signs out of countries hit hard by the pandemic as a U.

  • S.

  • Looks for ways to slow the spread.

  • South Korea seeing a flattening of the curve thanks to social distancing, contact tracing and widespread testing along with early preparation, they made sure that and the ventilators they had enough personal protective equipment make sure masks were being produced and mass produced.

  • So all those things at the site of the original outbreak in China rule on prepares to end its quarantine measures in the next few weeks, and after months of resisting the International Olympic Committee and Japan's prime minister announced 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be postponed until summer 2021.

  • It's pretty clear it would have been reckless, too.

  • Persist with the trying to hold the games in July of this year, UH, so have it postponed.

  • It's just a little extra training and preparation in India today, the country announcing a nationwide stay at home order in the fight against the global pandemic.

  • India's order.

  • The largest yet with 1.3 billion residents in Los Angeles.

  • Ramona Puga, ABC News.

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new stark figures more than 400,000 diagnosed cases of covert 19 across the globe.


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B1 中級 武漢肺炎 新型冠狀病毒 新冠肺炎 COVID-19

東京奧運會因冠狀病毒爆發而延後 l ABC新聞。 (Tokyo Olympics postponed due to coronavirus outbreak l ABC News)

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