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  • CHUMLEE: What can I help you with today?

  • I got a couple of robots here I'd like to sell.

  • CHUMLEE: All right, what do you have here?

  • Let's see, I got a Colonel Hap Hazard, 1965, with the box.

  • It's in really good shape.

  • And a Rosko Nomura, 1962, astronaut robot.

  • This one is really nice.

  • CHUMLEE: Yeah, doesn't look like anyone played with these.

  • They didn't play like I did.

  • CRAIG: I'm coming into the shop today to sell two

  • antique robots from the 1960s.

  • Both the robots have a lot of meaning,

  • as far as the space race.

  • I'm selling the pair of robots for $5,000.

  • If I can make a deal today, I'm going to spend

  • the money on more toys.

  • CHUMLEE: All right, this is pretty cool.

  • The Marx company has been around since 1919.

  • And they were known for making tin toys, plastic toy soldiers,

  • toy sets, all kinds of stuff.

  • But you know, in the mid 60s, late 60s,

  • when this toy was made, this would have been uber-cool.

  • All throughout the 60s everyone was fascinated with,

  • you know, NASA, and the space culture, and the moon.

  • And this saying NASA on it, and having the logo

  • is pretty cool-- CRAIG: Yeah.

  • --because this would have been the toy that every going

  • to have as a kid, you know?

  • Everyone wanted to be an astronaut.

  • And the same with this one.

  • CRAIG: It's all original and--

  • CHUMLEE: Still the original tube here.

  • CRAIG: Mm-hmm.

  • CHUMLEE: These are two pretty cool toys.

  • How much are you looking to get for them?

  • CRAIG: I need $4,000 for the pair.

  • It's not going to happen.

  • I mean, I see the value in them, but I

  • can't pay that much for them.

  • Would you take $1900?

  • Man, I can't.

  • They're both really nice.

  • $2000, $1500.

  • I'm gonna have to pass, unless you could take $2,200 for them.

  • No.

  • That's all right, man, I appreciate it very much.

  • All right, well, thanks for bringing them by.

  • - Thank you. - Have a great day.

  • Yeah, you too.

  • I'm not going to take the offer of $2,200,

  • because I know a lot of collectors

  • that would be more than happy to pay the price that I'm asking.

CHUMLEE: What can I help you with today?


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典當明星。中世紀玩具機器人|歷史 (Pawn Stars: Mid Century Toy Robots | History)

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