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  • came to baby about to go up to our We let them win Game one.

  • Stop playing around Obama and I wouldn't want to be in America right now, either.

  • He started okay, Book a fire in the first quarter.

  • What's wrong?

  • He has low energy.

  • Would even touch tops on that Leo.

  • Really stuff for a field goal.

  • Tom's school him on Mr Wide Open are so good at drawing charges.

  • You okay?

  • Illegal?

  • That's illegal.

  • Screen.

  • Thompson.

  • The only reason we're still in the game winner Garbage Fleet is going off.

  • Jalen Rose.

  • Doing in Jurassic Park is his crowds.

  • Third quarter.

  • You already know what's happened.

  • Can't make a good.

  • He's having a great game called the phone.

  • Just saw.

  • Not Curry.

  • What quarter?

  • Only down.

  • Eight.

  • Right back to talk to this column.

  • Danny Green ran into Clay Thompson didn't call Y Leonard on what was not not an offensive foul uncle.

  • Why, he's jumping out of the way with then air quotes.

  • Are we playing a box one on curry?

  • Pushed back, loose ball foul play in a box one this whole time.

  • No way.

  • Just fall out.

  • Why would you even go for that?

  • lower.

  • Bye bye.

  • Lowry's ball violation not.

  • Can we make a sod?

  • Can't make a shot with you today.

  • My cousin's throwing the ball up.

  • MBA saw better lose game.

  • My point back.

  • Five minutes that went on.

  • Dream on.

  • Changed direction for three.

  • Way only down to wait.

  • We're We're good, Everything's fine.

  • Don't worry about playing.

  • God is gonna be all right.

  • Y'all need to worry about you.

  • Why are you moving?

  • Wait here before with one championship.

  • We are a championship team.

  • I'm a grown man.

came to baby about to go up to our We let them win Game one.


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NBA球迷在第二場比賽中 (NBA Fans During Game 2)

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