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  • right, so you've probably already seen the film in the TV show, But in case you haven't I, I'll give you a little reminder.

  • The idea is this thing is Takis solution to a problem that's plaguing Britain's roads, namely slow Tractor's holding us all up.

  • So they come up with this quite extraordinary thing.

  • It's called the track tour.

  • See what they've done there.

  • And it's such a special piece of engineering that I wanted to give you a tour while it's sitting here in the studio waiting for the presenters to come in.

  • First thing to mention it's Lamborghini Orange.

  • Obviously these lights taken from an aerial nomad because it's a racing tractor, Little bit of fun.

  • Why not?

  • The whole place is for this car is the Chevrolet Blazer.

  • Ecevit's an American car?

  • You might not heard of it.

  • The Engine two is a Chevy of 5.7 liter V eight, producing 500.

  • Behold the track tour, These two cherry bomb exhaust classic boy racer specials.

  • Twin stacks, Of course, in the middle here, you can't see it is a transfer box taken from a lamp over 1.6 transfer box.

  • The idea is because these retires or so massive.

  • If you ran the standard ratios on the three speed auto, we'll be doing about 186 mile an hour top speed.

  • I'm not going anywhere.

  • So it's about shortening.

  • The ratio is getting acceleration.

  • Better getting this thing off the line.

  • I mentioned the wheels.

  • Yeah, they're quite significant.

  • The axle is to eight.

  • Lug Axl down here.

  • That's a military spec, Axl, and you need that toe.

  • Hold the whole thing together.

  • The centrifugal forces, when these things are moving around is absolutely insane.

  • Tires, by the way, super swampers imported from the U.

  • S.

  • You can't buy them in the UK because they use too much oil in their production.

  • Very American.

  • I like that.

  • Come around the back.

  • Now you'll notice a large hole.

  • Yet in the film, there's actually a second engine of 1.6 Persia diesel engine in there, and that drives the hedge cutter and the clown or the other bits and bobs.

  • They stick on the back to make this thing actually useful on up there.

  • Well, that's a wing taken from stock car F one.

  • Apparently it has proper downfalls.

  • Well, at least with that, given the downforce that having weight over the rear axle, this thing was pulling wheelies in a straight line.

  • More gadgets gives most right these two levers over here with blue balls on the top there called the Slew of Right.

  • So we got one for the left were one for the right one at a time.

  • It's effectively like a Hambrecht.

  • You could pull a handbrake turn.

  • Turn the six months spin up those retires and far off down the street.

  • Essential kit in farm work.

  • Few optional extras in the back as well.

  • Couple pairs of Wellies spades.

  • Look, you can even take your other half for a leisurely drive in the countryside.

  • It's a well fought three thing.

  • This that's the main bits.

  • There's only one thing left to do that's too far up.

right, so you've probably already seen the film in the TV show, But in case you haven't I, I'll give you a little reminder.


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The 'Track-tor' Walkaround | Top Gear:25系列 (The 'Track-tor' Walkaround | Top Gear: Series 25)

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