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  • Hello, boys and girls.

  • It's about Bryce.

  • I hear I've been playing a lot of search and rescue recently and call of duty ghosts.

  • And there's something that happens in the search and rescue playlists that doesn't really happen anywhere else.

  • So I wrote a song about it and I want to share it with you.

  • Here we go.

  • I was called to duty just the other way.

  • We're running over news, almost every game.

  • Disappointed that there's no demolition playlist.

  • So instead we play some search cooking from damn blitz.

  • We are waiting in the lobby trying to fund a match.

  • Some players joining We can not believe their clan tags.

  • We're scared not because we are afraid.

  • Afraid of their skin way going up against kids with riots.

  • You camp in a corner they saw, See for I don't never wanna play this game anymore.

  • Use up all of our ammo and then we run away Underwear.

  • It is a tactic, but they auto village.

  • How bad it was over when it is a hole in science ing.

  • You know, I just wanted I So please pardon me for asking, but I need to do a deal.

  • Why do you guys?

  • Why do you write?

  • Theo?

  • Why do you rise?

  • I love youse in the sniper red I'm good with but my bullets on effective gets plastic.

  • So I switched the secondary and I'll shoot their feet while I'm switching.

  • They just toss out something for me on a guy again.

  • So d'oh, Friends, This is not now.

  • I thought my streak wouldn't.

  • I'm scared.

  • And not because I am afraid of afraid of skill.

  • Hey, going up against his with riots you because a camp in a corner they saw see for I don't never wanna bay this game anymore.

  • Use up all of our ammo and then we run away is acting.

  • But they are so bad.

  • It was a couple of God I know.

  • But when it is a hole inside you seem you know, I just wanted to ride it.

  • So please pardon me for asking, but I need to know the deal.

  • Why do you guys why?

  • Right, Right.

  • I can see you there.

  • It's like looking through a window.

  • You see behind that shield.

  • And although you gotta move slow, you're unstoppable.

  • So it's probable that I quit our I hope you had your fun playing games without a gun.

  • I know it is a strategy, but I think that it's dumb.

  • You'll never make new friends.

  • Is long as you keep that, uh, know all that Camping in a corner and sauce announce C four.

  • I don't never want to play this game anymore.

  • We used a couple of our ammo, and then we run away.

  • I know it is.

  • It's acting, but you wanna be ashamed.

  • It wouldn't be so bad if it was just a couple of guys.

  • But when it is a hole inside team, I just want crying.

  • Oh, pardon me for asking, but I need you knew the deal.

  • What do you guys?

  • Why use riots?

  • You.

  • Why do you write If you're a riot shield?

  • Er, I'd like to know why you used the right.

  • She'll?

  • What's the benefit of it?

  • It's just very frustrating.

  • Um, if you see a riot, Children search and rescue.

  • Just stay back.

  • Let him get rid their C four and shoot their feet.

  • Thanks for watching it, boy.

Hello, boys and girls.


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