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  • Growing up I loved being a twin.

  • I have a twin sister named Hope,

  • And, she was my best friend.

  • My parents never had to worry about us being separated or being alone

  • Because, we had each other.

  • We'd make sure we were staying out of trouble

  • And we played by the rules and we'd have fun.

  • We have everything in common

  • We have the same friends, we'd have the same dolls, we had the same room!

  • We did everything together

  • Everyone gets so interested in twins.

  • Because they ask: "Oh it must be so cool having a twin"

  • Or: "I've always wanted to have a twin!"

  • But as I got older I realized being a twin

  • Wasn't exactly as fun as I thought it as going to be

  • We started... spreading apart

  • She started becoming popular, started wearing... the latest trends.

  • Started having so many friends, joined the theatre club

  • Started being involved in the school and going out every night

  • And partying. And then there was me, kinda

  • Was alone

  • Was in her shadow

  • And as twins we were expected to have the same things

  • If she got a car I would get a car

  • If she got straight A's, everyone will look at me and expect me to get straight A's, but...

  • I fell into a depression.

  • Isolation, Anxiety.

  • I felt so horrible about myself.

  • Because my parents would just brag about her

  • At every family reunion and then once they got to me...

  • I just felt like they had nothing to talk about...

  • I grew jealous of my twin sister

  • Someone who's been by my side and yet

  • Now I felt like she was above me

  • So I started wearing trends, I started trying to make those kinds of friends

  • But it never worked because it wasn't me

  • And I hate that it took years to realize this

  • But finally I had to look in the mirror and think to myself

  • I'm glad for being me

  • I'm glad of being an outcast I'm glad of not being into those styles

  • I'm glad about having my friends with their own personnality

  • Away from her's. And even though we're both

  • In completely different places in our life

  • Me still recovering from my own depression

  • And her going to college

  • I know we both still love each other

  • I know, for a fact, that no matter what,

  • I will always have someone to talk to

  • Because she still is my twin sister.

Growing up I loved being a twin.


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我很嫉妒我的雙胞胎妹妹。 (I Was Jealous Of My Twin Sister)

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