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  • What is that for a motive.

  • I assume it has a motor.

  • We're moving, but what is it?

  • 425 cc air cooled.

  • So Wow, they went big.

  • Make the horsepower.

  • 12.

  • Let me tell you about to see these original divine brief.

  • Citron decreed that it had to be able to carry its occupants wearing their church hats on.

  • And it had to be driven over a bumpy field without preaching a basket of eggs on board.

  • Oh, wait.

  • Guess what?

  • Stop the car.

  • Where you going?

  • Shopping.

  • Okay.

  • No half for me.

  • Half for you With such a child.

  • I'm not wearing that to be a good church wife and put the damn hat on.

  • I'm pretty sure that 19 forties French farmers didn't wear stovepipe hats.

  • What this farmer did that's a very big basket of eggs.

  • Very pretty that we care.

  • So Abraham Lincoln wanted to put the design brief to the test.

  • Fine.

  • Frankly, the eggs are safer in the two Z V when they are in the hand.

  • Okay, That may be This is genius.

  • Okay, go.

  • No.

  • 10.

  • You all right?

  • All right.

  • Oh, they smell terrible.

  • Okay, well, there you go.

  • So as my own eggs will testify, I would say that your car has failed to meet one of its design briefs.

  • One very thorough jet wash later, Chris decided it was time for lunch.

  • You want to sit down somewhere, right?

  • Still smoke.

  • What you doing?

  • This is our seating area.

  • This is the beauty of the two CV, right?

  • I'm gonna find somewhere close in.

  • Romantic for us.

  • Come on.

What is that for a motive.


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雪鐵龍2CV彩蛋挑戰賽 | Top Gear: Series 25 | BBC (Citroen 2CV Egg Challenge | Top Gear: Series 25 | BBC)

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