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  • Hey, what's up, guys?

  • It's Natasha.

  • Natasha's kitchen dot com.

  • I wanted to personally wish you all a wonderful lest prosperous, an amazing new year.

  • Thanks for making our 2013 awesome.

  • It's been a really fun year.

  • I've loved getting to know all of you guys through Facebook and Instagram has just been awesome.

  • I've made so many new friends this year, and thank you for your support for sharing my recipes with your friends and family.

  • It just means so much to me.

  • Thank you.

  • We've got a ton plan for 2014.

  • I mean, I want to show you something.

  • So in 2013 this is what my planner looked like.

  • It's brown.

  • It's ugly and boring.

  • And 2014 Hey, it's purple, my color.

  • And, um, this means there's exciting things ahead.

  • So we really want to focus more on cooking this year.

  • Not to get distracted from what you really love the most is to bring you amazing recipes and also probably gonna do some more video recipes.

  • You guys all seem to really enjoy the videos.

  • So we're gonna bring more of those to you.

  • And then I also want to know what you guys want to see.

  • What kind of recipes are you interested in?

  • Maybe desserts, casseroles, crock pot recipes for Russian recipes.

  • You let me know.

  • Leave a comment below.

  • I'd love to hear from you.

  • Um, also some exciting news.

  • I'm now working part time, so I'm pretty excited about that.

  • Um, so thank you for making that possible.

  • I mean, seriously, without you guys, that wouldn't happen.

  • And so now my husband and I and our little taste tester were all in the kitchen together, cooking and just loving it.

  • So thanks, guys.

  • For your support, we're looking forward to an awesome 2014 and I look forward to cooking with you.

Hey, what's up, guys?


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2014年新年快樂,來自Natasha的廚房:) (Happy New Year 2014 from Natasha's Kitchen :))

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