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  • This is for the geeks if you don't like cars and switch off now.

  • But for the few that love cars, stay with me.

  • The Lotus 79 arguably the most significant F one car.

  • It was one of those cars that was given the ultimate accolade.

  • It was pretty much banned, or it waas over, taken into technology very quickly.

  • And when something profound happened in a sport and everyone has to copy or follow that idea, it tends to have a very short time at the top.

  • It's the original Carver and dressing drove, so it's incredibly special.

  • Good Mario Andretti's.

  • He's just a hero.

  • He's one of the motor sport greats, but he knows how to talk enough to express what he went through.

  • It defined ground effect.

  • It's not been owned by some collector that's tried to turn into something it's not.

  • It still has the original steering wheel.

  • You know there's there's Marios DNA on that.

  • Two of the gill lever is the original gear lever.

  • It's a bit like someone saying this was Henry Days.

  • Toothbrush, you know, is that has that sense of God that God, if you touch that to drive, it's utterly sublime.

  • The vehicle didn't like idling for long.

  • Racing cars don't mean it's getting running.

  • Doesn't have actual war, has no auxiliary started.

  • So you have to just, you know, stick.

  • A problem was asked to make it stop.

  • I need you to keep it running.

  • And the temperature wasn't too hot when we filmed it.

  • So I went to the steering product some half where you drive cars, ran around the circle to test particular steady state corner and can interest into the vehicle.

  • What for?

  • I want a little dressed now.

  • This is really bad.

  • That's really naughty, because it shouldn't really.

  • You shouldn't be doing N freeze and Old Scotty car stripped but not multi £1,000,000 piece of history.

  • So I did two laps of it fully sideways on opposite lock on Christine, and she runs the car.

  • He's a really lovely man.

  • He could hear what I was doing when he came over.

  • He gave me that very parental.

  • I think I know what you've been up to look, and I went, Oh, nothing.

  • Just keep the engine running.

  • But in my mind, I know I've done two laps of the head of student had sideways in a very interesting 79.

  • And frankly, if I gave up this job now, that would be enough.

This is for the geeks if you don't like cars and switch off now.


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蓮花79號車上的克里斯-哈里斯|Top Gear:27系列 (Chris Harris On The Lotus 79 | Top Gear: Series 27)

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