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  • rolled Tiwary Gruber.

  • A win is a win dude are running back made.

  • We're winning the national championship again.

  • We have the best quarterback in college for Texas.

  • Is that place Clinton and Madden, 20 won a championship.

  • On That way, we're gonna get the black Boise State.

  • There's one hurricane is showing up.

  • They really tried to trademark the word.

  • We should get the trademark to be on Michigan trying to trademark the letter l If our cue beacon stay healthy, R Q.

  • B can stay healthy.

  • We don't need any running backs to be.

  • Duke rolled up Our backup backup running back is better than most people start.

  • This is our year.

  • Went to see this new office.

  • We don't have a place tamper or in this year, we can just be Washington out to Georgia for the quarterback.

  • Thanks for the quarterback Tom to win our second national championship.

  • No, Florida Miami are going to do it As long as we be Obama.

  • I don't care what happens this year.

  • It's gonna be weird having a different quarterback.

  • This.

  • I don't want anyone to talk about our schedule.

  • This you got the hardest schedule.

  • College football Georgia Michigan, Stanford.

  • We have the hardest schedule in college football.

  • Let Matt Wells era begin.

  • We could make a good run this year.

  • We have the Tower quarterback is winning.

  • The high space is the year we beat Family.

  • Who's starting 1/4 are running backs, winning the Heisman?

  • I can play this Florida and Madden.

  • Can I change quarterbacks?

  • USC and at least I could still go undefeated in Madden.

  • You can now play some of your favorite college football teams and Madden 20 available now at all.

  • Constance, I'm a grown man section.

rolled Tiwary Gruber.


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第一週前的大學足球迷 (College Football Fans Before Week 1)

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