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  • Yeah.

  • Oh, hello, everyone.

  • And welcome to another video.

  • So Grand Theft Auto four is back on steam.

  • It disappeared for a while so that rock star could remove games for Windows Life, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

  • And we've also lost a few radio stations as well was multiplayer mode.

  • Hopefully, we'll see return of that one day as it is, or waas still a lot of fun.

  • We've covered GT four a few times, most notably in a couple of performance related videos, one with Mods and one without.

  • We all know that the game is notorious for its PC performance, though the last patch one point open 8.0, fixed a few issues for May, at least over Patch seven, still downgrading to version one point no 1.0.4 point oh offers the best experience, in my opinion, in terms off graphics and frame rates, not to mention better mod support.

  • But with the re release of the game as the complete addition on steam, I wanted to see if performance is affected yet again.

  • It shouldn't be any different, though I have read mixed reports and because GT four is one of my all time favorites.

  • I would never pass up an opportunity to reinstall it and retest it for myself.

  • So the first thing you'll notice with this new version, version 1.2 point 0.3 is that it will launch through the Rockstar Games launcher instead.

  • Or maybe I should say it will launch seriously.

  • Initial start up is a lot quicker and want syrup the home screen.

  • You'll have both the based game and the D L C, even if you only owned one or the other.

  • Previously.

  • First of all, Iranian game benchmark with my duty 16 50 Super on With the auto selected settings, we were able to meet and exceed 60 frames per second on average.

  • I've always liked this short and sweet benchmark run, now 65.15 was the exact average Are there not to the game with an entry level R X 5 50 But immediately I noticed something was up.

  • After threatening to get Brucie involved, we were ready to go with the correct Avi rambling in place, and we only saw two frames less on average than we did with the 16 50 s.

  • However, when it comes to actual gameplay.

  • The difference is far more significant.

  • I'll throw up some 16 50 Super Game play here, as well as the figures from performance taken during the Games opening level.

  • They're in mind we aren't maxing out the game.

  • They rather we are using a mix of high and very high, which the game defaulted to.

  • So how did these results compared to the previous version of the game?

  • Granted, comparing the performance to a much earlier version, such as the fo mention 1.0 point four would yield an even bigger difference, I'm sure, but I think the difference in frame rate between the final version of the stand alone game and the now complete edition are just as important to note.

  • So as far as the benchmark test is concerned, the results don't really change.

  • So I played the introductory level again with each card with both the previous and current versions of GT four and again, the results were almost the same this time in terms of the averages and percentile figures, although we did see some slight variations as to be expected, with the one sent in 10.1% lows.

  • But those are my findings.

  • Let me know what has changed for you, whether it's positive or negative, and let me know whether you found any new game breaking bugs or anything like that, because I'm yet to play too far into the game once again, at least for May.

  • The game now launches consistently, though it is a shame to lose multiplayer.

  • However, Liberty City is always worth exploring solo whether you've visited before or not.

  • But thank you very much for watching.

  • If you enjoy this lever like on it, leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one.



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所以,《GTA IV》又回到了Steam上... ... (So, GTA IV Is Back On Steam...)

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