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  • Yeah, it's a Super Bowl Baltimore in San Francisco.

  • My money's own Baltimore this year.

  • Who you got?

  • Chad Niners all the way.

  • Baby birds can't stop Cat.

  • It's said to be a good game.

  • Yo, this ain't a game, son.

  • This is Wolf.

  • This is more simple and more backing.

  • Careful.

  • Go that East and West Coast.

  • Same game.

  • This'd war.

  • Biggest event and produce spores two teams make it is a big show way wins Super Bowls.

  • Ravens already lost.

  • I think they know it.

  • They can't stop Kaepernick running or throwing.

  • Vernon Davis.

  • Randy Malsom, Michael Crabtree.

  • I don't think they can cover them with Ed Reed.

  • San Francisco.

  • Best City were repping and Gore's coming from tucked in the back.

  • Lethal Weapon.

  • Everybody's looking.

  • Everybody's wondering Niners getting that 63 coming.

  • I keep hearing all the hype about Lewis's last name.

  • I feel bad he's going to lose his last game.

  • John Harbaugh Last year has been impressive, but his younger brother gonna teach him a lesson.

  • Though the Ravens are going for their second ring.

  • Niners had that back in 83 pack stop cat broke records and in New Orleans broken record flat was weak.

  • So the line is with and they're about to find out all that Smith and laying down Baltimore to go.

  • I guess we're killing birds.

  • Two games.

  • This is war and more backing.

  • Let's go East, West Coast, same game, This'd war, Biggest event and pro sports to change next to the big show.

  • One wins.

  • Soothe Black and Purple Son, New Orleans.

  • Here we come.

  • Super Bowl 47 they will say.

  • Ravens won.

  • Yet they said we couldn't do it.

  • They said we wouldn't make it.

  • How's that working out for you?

  • Tom Brady and Peyton Black, who is on fire?

  • Rabel soon retire.

  • The only thing standing in our way is the Niners Kaepernick recorder back at Saks so much that his bruise tattooed arms to completely blank your defense.

  • Keep streaming.

  • We're under attack.

  • You can't stop Ray Rice.

  • He wants that.

  • Bring bad Torrey Smith on the move as soon as the ball snap six points on the board.

  • Bigger lead, then the past.

  • I understand you're mad.

  • I can sense the frustration.

  • That's what you get with the Raven Nation.

  • We should have been here last year if it wasn't for Miss kicks.

  • Justin Tuck proves he's no Billy way harder here for the Big Dance and now we're here represents in Neverland.

  • Picking up our second ring Super Bowl chance.

  • Give it up for the booth game This'd war San Francisco and bought more black and purple go Battle of the East and West Coz this same game this'd war, biggest event and pro sports.

  • Two teams make it to the big show, but only one wins.

  • Super Bowls be your wife, is I.

Yeah, it's a Super Bowl Baltimore in San Francisco.


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