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  • Hi.

  • The 2017 version of my task to e book has been released, So if you have purchased it before, please send a copy of your receipt to Ryan and I'll sound stuck calm, and I will reply with this updated version completely free of charge to you.

  • If you'd like to purchase the book and you have purchased it before, the price is going up to $19.2017.

  • So in these last few days of 2016 you might want to take advantage of the price being only $15.

  • So the updated version of The E book is 89 pages in length.

  • It includes 10 model essays and slight variations on those essays to demonstrate a few different concepts.

  • All model essays have been unofficially gauge Band nine by a practicing examiner.

  • I'll give you a little preview of the table of contents here.

  • I have restructured the E book a little bit, but the same core content and step by step presentation that you might be familiar with is there, so you'll find it very accessible.

  • We start with very, very rudimentary topics and then build our way up to writing on entire essay from start to finish, I dedicated an entire section to the subject of concession, which is something I get asked about a lot.

  • So we go over what it is.

  • Whether it can be helpful to the candidate's presentation of their argument is also a section dedicated to applying arguments and discussions.

  • Structure two different kinds of essay questions.

  • So, for example, advantage and disadvantage questions cause and effect, problem and solution or what I like to call double action questions.

  • So these air Eilts writing tasks that might have two different questions that kind of applying to one topic.

  • So the section entirely about how to structure a response to a question like that.

  • So it's a very concise, yet very thorough overview of how to score well in aisles task to over the years, I've received lots of support on lots of feedback and lots of success stories from people that have used the E book.

  • There are people in some corners of the planet that are using the E book to teach essay writing to students in the classroom, and if you are doing this, or if you would like to use the book with your students.

  • Please just send me a quick email first.

  • So let's, um, that I know to what extent the content is being shared.

  • So that's really it.

  • My test one e books will be released in January, so you can look for them at that time, and I will be putting together a quick promotional video for those as well.

  • So good luck with your studies.

  • I hope to see you on the Forum announced network dot com.

  • I hope 2017 is the last year that you need to worry about the aisles.

  • And if I can play a small part in your success, that makes me very happy.

  • And I love receiving success stories.

  • So, or any questions that you have or anything like that, you can always email me at Ryan that outsells dot com.



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我的雅思任務2電子書已經更新了2017年的內容! (My IELTS Task 2 ebook has been updated for 2017!)

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