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  • The capital of Northern Ireland has traditionally

  • been thought of a secondary holiday location to Dublin.

  • However Belfast is quickly establishing itself as the place

  • to visit for a truly authentic Irish experience.

  • The history of Northern Ireland's capital searches back to the Bronze Ages,

  • and during the 19th century,

  • the city began to flourish as a naval port and ship-building center,

  • famously being the birthplace of the Titanic.

  • Perhaps the most famous period of Belfast's history,

  • however, is its most tragic - a period of political conflict spanning three decades.

  • And the city still has plenty of reminders of the troubles,

  • in particular the striking and sometimes intimidating murals depicting

  • various events of the times.

  • Belfast has plenty of traditional pubs were visitors can enjoy a pint with the locals,

  • and there are dozens of historic buildings, hotels and old streets,

  • most of which can be explored on foot.

The capital of Northern Ireland has traditionally


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