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  • textiles air about human enhancement.

  • They really let us be out longer to go higher to be faster if we check the record.

  • The evolution of clothing is deeply interwoven with the history of exploration.

  • You know, the human body was really built and created for this certain climate or the certain place.

  • But then something changed.

  • Tools was a fire or was it clothing?

  • 100,000 years ago, humans used animal skins to protect us from the cold 30,000 years ago, when we actually cracked the code on weaving 7000 years ago, the introduction of cotton linen silks actually inspired global trade way.

  • Fire out the industrial revolution Out of limits are completely redefined.

  • Para looms Take the hands out of handiwork.

  • We go north and we go south.

  • We take flags and plant them in the polls.

  • It's through augmenting our own skin through pushing our technologies and our developments all around garments and clothing that have taken us tow the deepest depths of the ocean and onto the moon.

  • But still we can't stop.

  • Won't stop pushing.

  • Look here.

  • Closer, smaller way.

  • See, this microscopic piece solution is quickly being extracted out of this Really small needle Tim 200,000.

  • These all like these fire hoses shooting this fiber flies through the air, hits a transfer paper.

  • It's almost like spaghetti being thrown up against the wall.

  • Smash.

  • These are nano fibers with whole so small that they contract the tiniest droplet of water, even a single celled bacteria when you get down the scales.

  • This small at the nano level, things that were never possible before they become possible now allows us to create garments in a tunable way that can be both breathe, herbal and waterproof, that can really stretch and enhance.

  • What we're able to do is humans as users, his athletes is people.

  • But being able to ask question whatever coming up with Blue Sky ideas, we can create a garment that's never been made before.

  • It's this technology.

  • It's nano spinning.

  • The applications are endless.

  • A shell for mountain years pass for blood vessels, an antibiotic filter or even a pair of pants to self generate its own power.

  • If the history of textiles has taught us anything, is that with every leap forward in technology, there's an equally great leap forward inability technology has allowed us to redefine what's humanly possible.

textiles air about human enhancement.


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TED & The North Face: 服裝的演變 (TED & The North Face: The Evolution of Clothing)

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