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  • in my welcome learned that biology is not destiny.

  • And what holds woman back is the country barriers that are set around them.

  • My name is the battle by and travel showed me my strength as a girl growing up in Chennai, India.

  • I always was confined to the boundaries of my own city.

  • I had a lot of dreams that I was carrying with me.

  • I could not identify myself, defined myself in those limited boundaries.

  • And I always dreamed of figuring out a way of killing all so I could get the time and space to reflect and identify who I wasin what I wanted in life.

  • For me, the experience of traveling alone the first time was very exciting and it gave me a sense of energy.

  • I started travelling and meeting woman's based organizations.

  • After three months of doing that, I ended up getting into a meeting with a midwife.

  • She showed me the tools that she used for childbirth and one of the tools she showed me with an eye concussion, too that was used to cut class that she used to cut the umbilical cord.

  • This conversation basically triggered the mother part of me a core part of my work has been to look a woman's health issues differently with the king birth, could we provide them obvious solution that can help make a decision between life and death be as individuals have so much power and strengthen us that until we get into a really new open culture and surrounding were unable to uncover those friends?

  • And as you travel and as you meet different people with different cultures, ideas different than your own, you begin to realize who you are.

in my welcome learned that biology is not destiny.


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TED研究員白祖貝達。旅行讓我看到... (TED Fellow Zubaida Bai: Travel showed me...)

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