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  • one piece of advice that I wish I had taken is that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • It has been a very long journey and a huge amount of investment.

  • When I left college, I went to D.

  • C to try to understand about power and politics, and I feel like I learned firsthand, really.

  • The inability of everyday citizens have a voice in a democracy.

  • And I was struggling, frustrated about that and then led me on this personal journey to eventually realize that the same technology that could be used to connect people around friends and photos could connect them on the issues that they cared about.

  • We were heading in the beginning and thought we would launch a technology platform.

  • It would have millions of users immediately, and we learned a very hard lesson.

  • It's just just incredible difficulty of building anything with new ones of participants.

  • So the journey we went on after launching the site, originally way back in 2007 involved investigating other platforms, learning deeply about the mechanics of Internet and ultimately took us four years to get to the 1st 1,000,000 users.

  • And now we're growing by about a 1,000,000 users every seven days.

  • The single most important determinant of success is the relentless determination of a committed team to make what seems impossible possible.

  • But that is a long, long journey, and I wish I had heated.

  • I think the advice not work 100 hours a week, necessarily, but actually simultaneously live in a way that was in alignment with the kind of work I wanted to do, but in a sustainable manner that I could do for many decades.

one piece of advice that I wish I had taken is that it is a marathon, not a sprint.


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