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  • some two is really interesting for a number of different reasons.

  • Probably first informers.

  • It's focused entirely on mobile.

  • And for a publisher like Tad, that's fascinating because we're seeing double year on year growth of mobile traffic.

  • Coming to ted dot com in the session we were a part of was talking about how you're going to use Mobile to push the world forward.

  • And so we had Virgin Unite speaking myself.

  • We also had a Warton professor talking about what advertising would look like in 2020 on Really thinking about, You know, if advertising was on the same calibers is winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • What are the kind of messages we'd want to convey?

  • So it was a really interesting session to be a part of and enjoy it.

  • So I talked about two different things in the talk.

  • One was about being radically open, and the second was about democratization content.

  • You know, sense 2010.

  • We've just seen an absolute explosion in growth for mobile and especially his media habits changes people you know no longer sitting at their desks all day as office habits are changing and people are working from home is people are commuting more.

  • We're really just seeing this massive shift over from desktop to mobile.

  • And so it was.

  • It was a pretty central part of the talk, so we just launched our android app in over 20 different languages, which has made us available in over 110 different countries.

  • And so for us, that's been kind of the first step in, you know, really making mobile the center place of growing Ted.

  • From a content perspective, it's a really exciting time for mobile.

  • It's a really exciting time for people to get content when they want it, how they want it onto really interact with it and engage in ways that I think we've never seen before.

some two is really interesting for a number of different reasons.


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每一刻都是移動的。馬特-柯蒂斯在SM2 (Every Moment is Mobile: Matt Curtis at SM2)

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