• US /ju/
  • UK /jʊ/
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  • pron. 你; 你 (單數及複數) 看情況而使用;
  • I am speaking to you. Yes, you
  • Will all of you please sit down in your chairs?
  1. Not me
  2. The person reading this.
    Hey you!!! You're reading this!!!
  3. The cause of all the worlds problems.
    You killed Jesus, spread the plague, shot JFK, and made Britney Spears popular. Thanks a lot....dick.
  4. The perfect comeback to any insult.
    Dina: You are a complete idiot and an utter waste of space on this planet. The mere sight of you makes me want to throw up. Please, go away. I don't care where. Just go away. Pat: You.
  5. The person that you see when you look in a mirror
    What are YOU looking at?
  6. Someone who has nothing better to do than surfing the web or read clever definitions at
    Im so bored. I write a meaning for you on urban dictionary
  7. The only one that can prevent wildfires.
    Only YOU can prevent wildfires. -Smokey Bear
  8. more than one you; a lot of you; many people
    "Yous all seen what he done." ( a proud owner making a speech on receiving a trophy for his horse winning a major harness-racing event at the "[trots]")
  9. the correct way to spell the ordinary word, you. not corrupted by the minds of sad depraved 12 year old myspace addicts. {n.} not yooh {n.} not yoo {n.} not yew
    [19:55:40] <3 Why Are Y: i go to ur skwl year below yoo [19:55:48] craig <3 jad: *you ^faggot
  10. 2nd person of singular or plural
    I hate you, you hate me....