Antibodies in the yolk are collectively named yolk immunoglobulin ( IgY ).
此蛋黃中的抗體稱為IgY( YolkImmunoglobulin ).

Put the yolk into the taro dough, wrap it with the yolk liquid.

Extraction yolk oil from dried egg yolk by supercritical fluid with carbon dioxide is described.

Extraction yolk oil from dried egg yolk using supercritical fluid with carbon dioxide is described.

Mix the flour and baking powder mixtures, fall into the yolk mixture and stir well.
把麵粉和泡打粉的混合物, 倒進蛋黃混合液中,攪拌均勻.

【Jamie Oliver料理教室】神奇的巧克力慕斯! (Jamie’s Amazing Chocolate Mousse)

【Jamie Oliver料理教室】神奇的巧克力慕斯! (Jamie’s Amazing Chocolate Mousse) Image 03:07
  1. half it and bounce the yolk backwards and forwards

  2. and then put the yolk in with the cream that makes it silky and even richer

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  1. slang for a defined musclature
    the upper arm is like a fried egg, where the bicep is the yolk. this is your brain on supplements suckaaas.
  2. To hit someone, usually in the face.
    That nigga ran up on me too fast so I straight yolked em up.
  3. Working class Irish slang used by [knackers] meaning different things depending on context: 1] ecstacy 2] foolish ugly idiot 3] thing, item, [thingymajig]
    1] me heads cabbaged today i took a few yolks last night im in bits 2] dont mind that Vanessa one shes only a yolk. 3] Suzanna: Anto- wheres de yolk for me hay-er? Anto: Wha' yolk? Suzanna: De fuckinnn.. ye know de yolk for ge'in rid of de curls- de bleeding strate-ner, wheres de strate-ner? Anto: I dont fuckin' knowww.
  4. To utilize eggs in a supernatural manner.
    Did you see what he did with those eggs? He totally yolked her and she didn't even see it coming.
  5. Female semen, or gizz. The cum that squirts out of a chick's vagina while having a orgasm.
    Man, I just yolked all over my [boyfriend] , oops.
  6. To skimp bags, usually of illegal substances, usually marijuana
    damn nigga you really yolked that shit
  7. liquid chicken embryo
    the cake demanded 2 yolks, without the whites.