• US /'jɜ:z/
  • UK /'jɜ:z/
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  • noun pl. 年; 年份;
  • The man lived for one hundred years
  • He lived for thirty years

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. the climate getting worse means that many years, their crops won't grow:

  2. that would power the u.s. for hundreds of years.

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  1. 1. Multiple numbers of years. 2. To talk about year in the past, and say that was years ago. 3. The word year pruralized
    Man how the years pass by.
  2. A year is a long period time which consists of 365 days, or on [leap years], 366. It can also be used to signify how much time in school or work you spent. 100 years make a century.
    A: How long have you been working here? B: Oh, around 8 years.
  3. a period of three hundered and sixty five dissapointments
    mate, what did you do this year? killed myself, like a trooh grafta
  4. 12 months of absolute hell and fuckery
    TV: -Ball drops- Everyone: WOOT WOOT ET IS YEAR 2014 Person 1: -sarcastic- yay, another 12 months of fuckery and hell