IPA [waʊnd] KK [wund]
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The present invention is especially suitable for making wound plate and battery with wound structure.

Conclusion Emu oil can alleviate inflammation in the scald wound and promote wound healing in rats.

Tony's wound is at competition time from the very beginning a regulation, wound to Achilles tendon.

The surgeon opened up the wound up the wound and got the bullet out.

Study and development of wound dressings is a important field in burn wound healing.

【TED】改編彩虹小馬:《奇幻雙紅》 MLPFiM: Double Rainboom

【TED】改編彩虹小馬:《奇幻雙紅》 MLPFiM: Double Rainboom Image 29:21
  1. because of my greed, i wound up in a pretty bad spot.

    因為我的貪婪,讓我自己 陷入到非常糟糕的處境下。
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【TED】Rives:談凌晨四點鐘 Image 09:10
  1. to a supposedly self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 64 --

    因為自己造成的槍傷,享年64歲 to a supposedly self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 64 --
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你有沒有想過...植物會思考嗎? (Can Plants Think?)

你有沒有想過...植物會思考嗎? (Can Plants Think?) Image 03:45
  1. check out "the monkey's voyage" which proposes some new theories on how plant and animal species wound up as they are today.

    點選「the monkey's voyage」,它提供一些新的關於植物和動物物種如何演化到今日的理論。
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  1. Slang term for [vagina].
    She spread her legs wide and asked me to lick her big, gaping wound below her mound of hair.
  2. A bad or ugly injury, or deep gash in the flesh.
    "He has a nasty flesh wound"