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  • noun pl. 工人;勞動者;工作者;職員 (複數);
  • The workers worked overnight to finish the house

咖啡:最難解的癮 (Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever)

咖啡:最難解的癮 (Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever) Image 04:21
  1. ben franklin and edward lloyd loved their coffee for the same reason that modern workers and students do.

    Ben Franklin 和 Edward Lloyd 喜愛咖啡的原因和現代的上班族及學生一樣。
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The Scientific Power of Naps

The Scientific Power of Naps Image 01:54
  1. where workers can pay to have a brief lunchtime nap on a daybed

    勞工可以在那裡付費獲得 一小段沙發床上的午睡。
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美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America)

美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America) Image 06:24
  1. firefighters, construction workers, engineers, doctors, lawyers,

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  1. Someone who arrives late, leaves early and does as little as possible in between.
    Peterson is a most annoying worker. He shows up at 10, leaves at 4 and takes a 2-hour lunchbreak.