• US /wɚk/
  • UK /wɜ:k/
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  • n. 成品;工作的成果;產品; 作品; 工作;職業; 工作(場所); (工作等的)成果;
  • v. 起作用;行得通; 運轉;運作;運行; 活動; 起作用;有效用; (機器等)運轉;活動;
  • adj. 工作相關的;
  • This is his first work of art
  • The work of Shakespeare covers dozens of books
  • My work takes me to many countries
  • Every day he goes to his work early in the morning
  • The work includes all the items listed on page 34
  • This idea will work, I’m sure
  • Don’t worry, I can get your car to work again
  • I work in an office in the city, and you?
  • We need to work on this plan all weekend
  • Can you tell me how to work this copying machine?
  • She wears her work clothes during the day but dresses up to go out at night

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?)

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?) Image 01:08
  1. it's a simple way to work together on the same files too, without sending emails back and forth.

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  1. A worldwide slave labour organisation used to control modern man and prevent independant thought from occuring in any form. This is the reason it's much harder to make anything of yourself working in creative arts, such as acting and singing - the government sees anyone more popular than them as a threat to their power. It is also an ingenious creation to make placebos such as computers and photocopiers look important to our way of life. Some may argue that the workplace is desigend to build character and learn about teamwork...others prefer to think of it as the perfect place to practise your aiming skills as you throw ball after ball of scrunched up paper into the bin in the corner, then make a little competition out of it with fellow colleagues.
    You are here to work, not to have fun!
  2. A place where people have to go everyday to get paid. Also known as "hell".
    I don't want to go to work today!
  3. Refers to a supply of contraband to be sold for profit. Distinguished from "stash" or "personal", in that "work" is usually only sold and often consists of a lower quality product.
    "Its rainy days if we don't move all our work" - Lil' Flip
  4. 1. Having sex with a fellow employee. 2. Downloading massive amounts of porn.
    1. Sorry honey, I have to [work] late tonight. 2. Sorry honey, I have to [work] late tonight.
  5. crack cocaine; used by persons addicted to crack to check with the local dope man to see if he has any.
    where dat work at family? I need ta blast nigga....
  6. work is a drug it could be crack or cocaine
    I'm bout 2 go sel dis work real fast I b back.
  7. (n) A form of torture developed by stupid people who have nothing better to do in their lives. They take no interest in anything else other than "Getting the project in on time." (v) To partake in this torture.
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  8. the equipment needed to inject a drug (syringes, needles, swabs etc.)
    "Go up the chemist and get the works for me please"
  9. Something to do while you're waiting to die?
    Going to work now, Dear.....may not be home for dinner.
  10. A thing that is so sucky that it requires paying money for it to be done. If it were easy then someone wouldn't be paying us to do it!
    I had to work today. I have to work tommorrow, but alas I am not alone and understand that I'm being paid because my boss is too much of a pussy to do my job for me!