• US /ˈwaɪrlɪs/
  • UK /'waɪələs/
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  • adj. 無線電的 ; 無線的;
  • Wireless telephones are helpful in large houses

【TED】亞曼達 · 帕默爾:請求他人的藝術 (The art of asking | Amanda Palmer)

【TED】亞曼達 · 帕默爾:請求他人的藝術 (The art of asking | Amanda Palmer) Image 13:48
  1. but there's no wireless, and in punk squats,

    如果是一棟豪宅 ,我的團隊 可能都可以有自己的房間
  2. but with wireless, clearly making it the better option.

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EF國際語言學校 法國巴黎 (EF Paris, France (English version))

EF國際語言學校 法國巴黎 (EF Paris, France (English version)) Image 05:52
  1. here, students can use the free wireless internet connection,

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EF 國際語言學校 南非開普敦 (EF Cape Town, South Africa)

EF 國際語言學校 南非開普敦 (EF Cape Town, South Africa) Image 05:42
  1. the whole building has free wireless internet for our students.

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史上最強冰桶!真想要有一個!COOLEST Coolest Kickstarter

史上最強冰桶!真想要有一個!COOLEST Coolest Kickstarter Image 03:22
  1. the coolest comes with a remote blue-tooth speaker that connects to any smart phone to wireless stream music up to thirty feet away.

    Coolest 內建遠距藍芽喇叭 可以連接上任何一款智慧手機並無線串流音樂達30英尺遠
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  1. Livin' Life To The Fullest (Usually Associated With College Students) Gettin [Wasted], Life Of The Party, Gettin Hoes, And Gettin Money.
    Bro! I Was So [Wireless] At That Party This Weekend. Them hoes Is Wireless!! If You Aint Wireless Then Get Out!!! All Them hoes Is Down For the Team, They Wireless As Hell!!
  2. adj. Without wires. n. An object not requiring wires adj. Sex without adequate protection.
    Jimmy got it on with Kelsie last night. They were wireless.
  3. A blow job, as in hands free. Getting wireless. This has replaced 'brain' as the newest term for blowjob.
    That sorority house has great reception. You can get wireless in almost every room.