IPA [wɪl] KK [wɪl]
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vi.願意, 希望, 想要;


Will you buy two loaves of bread?
下面一組練習是把 will 跟它的否定式 will not 也就是 won't 做個比較。

I shall (not will) have to buy another ticket.

Your bodies and names will perish, but the river will flow on for ever -- the names of mediocre writers will be forgottern, but those of the great masters will live.

He will glorify Me, for He will take of Mine and will disclose it to you.

It will be inhabited; again will it be destroyed. Jerusalem will be secure.

  1. Brown hair, green eyes, buff body, that defines a will. total sex on legs
    im looking for the perfect man , with charm and charisma to match his fine looks!
  2. The hottest sexiest man alive he makes my motor run hes so bangable i would fuck him in a heart beat I LOVE WILLLLLLLLLLLLL <3333333
    Will is so sexy...i juss wanna fuck him..all day..everyday...for the rest of my life! <3
  3. a stud
  4. A trench coat wearing, tall, blue eyed [son of a bitch]. Usually is proficient in some form of self defence, and just as likely to kick someone's ass in an argument than reason with them. A Will usually carries two different personalities. There is the fiery emotional character who is caring, compassionate, and aggressive when angered, as well as the cold, contemplative warrior that he is frequently percieved as. Described as having "unlimited patience, and unlimited rage". Well known for their craftsmanship, creative, and/or debating skills. Feelings towards them are usually extreme, being either deep affection or incredible hate. They dislike making enemies but strangely take pleasure in physical fighting, and are sometimes too quick to resolve situations with physical force. Overall, though they may be intimidating at first, they are often kind people at heart, and are prone to emotional damage resulting from failed or lost relationships. As a slight result of this, many "Will"-type people are social nomads, not really binding with any type of social clique and working best by themselves. Though a trait that they are certainly not proud of, some Wills are so eager to create friends, not enemies, that they will lie, and this actually leads to loosing in relationships, further on. They fiercely adhere to their beliefs however, and some even live by a veritable "code of honor", somewhat like modern-day samurai.
    "He was pulling some real stuff... and he was so aggressive with him!" Thomas spoke to his friend, recollecting the earlier fight. "He usually doesn't seem like this; perhaps he's turning into another Will?"
  5. Will's are the sweetest type of guy a girl could ask for. Will's know how to treat a girl right, and always make her happy. Anybody who has ever let a Will go must've been insane. Will's are incredibly loving, and can make any girl's heart race. Will's are very trustworthy and loyal. And can make you fall head over heels in love with them, very fast. Will's are very handsome also. Will's are very caring and treat their girl better than any other other man would treat her. Will's are also very protective over their girls and are comeplete gentlemen. If you happen to come across a Will in your life NEVER let him go, it will be the stupidest decision you ever make. Treat your Will right and give just as much if not more love than he gives you. Appreciate what you have, and let the world know you're the luckiest girl in the world because you're dating a Will.
    -Dawww, i love my Will.<3 -"That girl is so lucky, she's dating a Will. I'm so jealous."
  6. The dude military people say to shoot
    Fire at will!
  7. Will, a hesitant yet charming boy. His sense of humour, and boyish good looks are what makes the girls fall for him. Will never falls in love because he is scared, and cares too much about what others think of him. This is ultimatley what prevents him from being with that special girl. Artsy and unique, yet not strong enough to stand up to people. It's hard to live with him, but even harder to live with out him.
    " i fucking hate that i love will"
  8. A very handsome and sweet guy who i definitely have a thing for..=) i cant stop smiling everytime I see him... he gets me so excited!! Seriously anyone who doesnt get with him is missing out!! He's amazing
    william w
  9. A hottie, almost equal in human magnetism to a Libby.
    Golly gosh, that Will is almost a Libby
  10. One of the most incredible guys out there. A "will" can make you smile on any given day and life seems terrible without a "will" in it. I hope all the wills have happy birthdays!
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