IPA [waɪld] KK [waɪld]
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With the wild simulated wild-simulated method, seeds are planted thinly in the forrest forest.

He hunted a wild pig, grew vegetables in his garden and searched for wild mushrooms.

With the wild simulated wild-simulated method, seeds are planted thinly in the forest.

When she gathered wild herbs, they discovered that wild herbs were exactly what they needed most.

John in the wilderness eat wild fruit, leaves the hive to drink wild honey.

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown)

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown) Image 20:39
  1. and really wild and kind of dumb?"

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  1. out of control; amazingly out of this world; an unrestrainable amount of coolness; bitch ass
    Dude, that party last night was wild.
  2. adj.-something or someone that's really awesome!
    chris:"i love you so much..." natasha:"i love you too...you're so wild..." or chris:"hey look at my spongebob belt buckle i just bought!" natasha:"That's wild!"
  3. used as a reference to saying "i wanna get fucked tonight" for low key sluts
    gina: i usually get wild at parties
  4. Wild: unbelievable. Off the chain. Full if burns. Such as Lejlas twitter.
    Guy 1: Hey did you see Lejla on twitter last night? Guy 2: Yeah I'm always on @jxvyt on twitter she's wild
  5. an adjective that means "very"
    Yo it's wild cold out here!
  6. crazy, fun, cool, awesome, sarcastically awesome
    See those two people over there? That's Maeve and Morgan, they're wild.
  7. Some irrationality, un-knowing, silliness, Uncontrollable, playable, digestiable, jung-tang,drugged
    Tammy: How was the party, last night? Mark: Ok, there was a wild girl there; wild. As, he shakes his head. Tammy: Hey is that good or bad. Mark: I think she drank something spiked. Tammy: Your lucky she didn't eat your face-off.