• US /hwaɪt, waɪt/
  • UK /waɪt/
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  • n. 懷特 (英文名);
  • adj. 白種人; 白色的;白的; 白色;空白;白色顏料;
  • Alan White worked at my school
  • The white people live in the other part of the town
  • You should wear white clothes at night so cars can see you

【TED】羅克珊娜.蓋伊: 壞女性主義者的告解 (Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist)

【TED】羅克珊娜.蓋伊: 壞女性主義者的告解 (Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist) Image 11:29
  1. in favor of supporting white, middle- and upper-class straight women.

    反而偏袒白皮膚、 中產或上層階級的異性戀女性。
  2. in other ways, men -- and especially straight white men --

    其它方式還有,男人 ──尤其是異性戀的白人男性──
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  1. 1. The color white. Contrary to popular belief the word "white" is not a racial comment or slur.
    This paper is white! (idiot human rights activist) "Oh my GOSH you racist bastard!!"
  2. What everyone calls people with white skin, and white people can't call people with black skin black.
    Black Guy : Whats up white boy. White Guy : Hey my black friend Black guy : You can't call me black that racist
  3. A street name for [cocaine].
    Jim: "You got any white left from that 8 ball?" Jack: "Nah, I finished it all off last night."
  4. One of the worst things you can be born in to. The European ( or white ) ethnicity is known for being hated amongst pretty much every single ethnicity on the face of the Earth for things in the past that they had no control over. Blamed for everything wrong with the World, the most generalized of all ethnicities, and accused of being devils and barbaric even though every ethnicity has had slaves, murdered other tribes, raped women, gone to war with other people, etc.
    Everyone blames the white man for their troubles, even though their people did the same thing to other tribes back in the day. They would enslave, rape, murder, and sell tribesmen of war.. but that would contradict the white crutch er.. man.
  5. another word for the drug cocaine
    Hey, you still got that white?
  6. According to Sir Isaac Newton white light is the effect of combining the visible colors of light in equal proportions. So white is all color combined to make white. Black is the absorption of all color. So black and white are opposites.
    So black out all I can see is the white snow on the ground.
  7. A skin color - the majority in the United States - which is apparently considered a negative quality by many, including those who are white themselves but consider themselves to be "not that white". Associated with poor dancing skills and general nerdiness. For a black person to be called white is considered highly insulting. Essentially, if "black" were used the way "white" was, we would still be living in the 50s.
    Example 1: Tom (white guy): (dances poorly) Jerry (also white): Tom, you're so white. Example 2: Doug (white guy): what are you doing on your computer? Jeffrey (black guy): reading manga and listening to metal. Doug: you're so white, Jeffrey. Jeffrey: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!?
  8. A term used for amphetamines during the seventies... This term was mainly used by truckers, who used "whites" to stay awake for long trips....
    And if you give me... Weed, whites and wine. And you show me a sign. I'll be willin', to be movin' From the song Willin' by Lowell George/Little Feat, 1970
  9. People with lighter skin than black and orange people. We're not worse than any other race, we're just as bad. It's 2004 and we still categorize by skin colour. Sad
    "if I sit in the sun I might change colour"
  10. an adjective, to foresee and act in advance of to be ahead of in doing or accomplishing characteristic of or benefiting a friend
    That's white of you. Well, hey that's pretty white of ya!