An Olympian's father gets murdered in a racist attack and you whine about this?

He saw noble and beautiful visions, but he could only whine and bark at Ruth.

A simple friend thinks the problems you whine about are recent.

Don't whine about it, or you'll sound like a baby boomer.

In the Greek candy-store was the whine of a peanut-roaster, and the oil smell of nuts.


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  1. and she will follow me around and whine for attention and food.

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【TEDx】Get Serious, Get Smart, Get Going! Kathleen Murphy at TEDxBeaconStreet

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  1. second, have a sign, it's on my desk, says that "thou shalt not whine."

    第二,擁有自己的座右銘,就在我的桌子上,寫著 "你不該抱怨。"
  2. that i put on the back of that "thou shalt not whine" sign,

    而我在那個剛提到的座右銘 "你不該抱怨" 背後寫上,
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  1. you whine, you diein'

    妳抱怨,就得死 (註:wine跟whine、dine跟diein發音接近)
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邊緣人尋求關注之歌 (I Won't Wear A Jacket)

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  1. you chilly little bitches gonna sit and whine.

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  1. Jamaican patoi for "wind" when a shorty starts booty shaking, in a slow and provocative way.
    Me gyal do dem dutty whine like me no seen!!!
  2. 1. Usless complaining to others that dont care. 2. Making oneself feel important through the use of usless complaining 3. Using complaining as propaganda to make someone or something look bad 4. plain oll' bein a fag
    person 1: yo what is he whinning about now? person 2: I dont care I just ignore him
  3. Whining is complaining when the complaining is of no use. For example when the reason of the complaining can't be eliminated or if the complainer isn't even trying to do so.
    "Tom whined about the pebble in his shoe for two hours before removing it." "Sally kept whining about her headache while waiting for the pain killers to take effect"
  4. A grouping of emotionally disturbed or emotionally distraught children (aka. emos). Quite possible taken from the fact that emos whine a lot.
    Run!!! There is a whine of emos coming at you!!!
  5. According to TSO moderators and few of the community members, whining is pointing out the problems their bug infested game has.
    User:"Hey, you deployed 3 mid-day mantainances, to fix the bugs but barely anything is fixed" Mod- "you whine like a little baby, game works great"